Monday, January 7, 2008

Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards Results as of 30th December 2007

I just saw Astro showing the voting results again and managed to capture it. Here are the results for the Favourite Female Lead as of 30th December 2007.

Jessica Hsuan : 15.5% (4th)
Sheren Tang : 16.6% (3rd)
Ada Choi : 3.8%
Gigi Lai : 17.8% (2nd)
Charmaine Sheh : 14.8% (5th)
Niki Chow : 3.5%
Myolie Wu : 19.0% (1st)
Christine Ng : 1.6%
Maggie Siu : 2.0%
Sonija Kwok : 5.4%

Ivy : Charmaine is ranked 5th. First of all I know this is not a very good news but then this results is just as of 30th December 2007. The real results may by now changed tremendously. And that will depend on our voting power! Myolie Wu is leading strongly followed by Gigi!! I think Myolie's vote is highest now because War and Destiny is airing in WLT now. Jessica and Charmaine's vote only has less than 1% difference. So fans please keep on voting for Charmaine! There is still time(12 days) to vote. So prove the power of fans like in the Bank of China Credit Card and "Sweetest Smile" voting!! If you do not know how to vote please go to the 'Features' section in my blog to find out how.

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