Monday, January 7, 2008

美女 coming!!

Hi hi!! Came back from class and saw Charmaine's schedule. So happy Ah Sheh is coming to Malaysia and also Singapore(I guess Joyce and eerational exceptionally happy with this)!! Haha. So tired from class today but still have to do homework Image Hosted by ImageShack.usOk enough of me nagging. Here is Charmaine's schedule first.

Malaysia :

18 January 2008 - Johore Bahru
26 January 2008 - Attend Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards 2007
27 January 2008 - Attend a business promotion activity (not sure wat activity just stated " 席一個商業宣傳活動" )

Singapore :

19 & 20 January 2008- Promotion Activity

Charmaine's schedule credit to

I think I will be going for the 26-27 event. Who else going? Would love to meet other Charmaine fans. Don't think could make it for the 18-20th event. I'm from Penang so Johore and Penang is like umm North and South Malaysia..haha. But I'll see how my discussion with Patricia goes. Also fans who haven't join the Fanclub go on and join! For more on fanclub and if you are interested in joining the above activity please go to Sehseh's Blog. Oh no....have to go finish my homework first =( Before that, reminder: vote vote vote for Charmaine in Astro Awards! Make sure she wins something!

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