Sunday, January 6, 2008

Clips Worth Watching #3

Here is Clips Worth Watching #3. Since Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards 2007 voting is on I've decided to post worth watching clips from Dance of Passion. Hope this will bring back memories from Dance of Passion and help bring up the spirit to vote for Charmaine. Please continue voting for Charmaine for the Best Actress award category. She is in 3rd/4th place (I'll double check this when Astro shows it again) with Myolie & Niki leading!! Dance of Passion is actually a really good quality series and also Charmaine will be attending the awards so please continue voting! Please click here for procedures on voting.

Location filming 1

This clip focuses on Charmaine & Moses filming DOP. What to look out for? Charmaine & Moses's NGs. Haha.

Location Filming 2

This is another clip of DOP casts filming in Yinchuan. What to look out for? Charmaine's little donkey and listen to what Ada has to say.

Dance of Passion premiere

This is a news clip from the premiere of Dance of Passion. The premiere was held in a cinema! Take notice of the 火(fire) and 黄(yellow) of the fadan's dress to suit the title of the series 火舞黄沙. Also what else to look out for? Maggie's comments and the "rumors".

Charmaine Sheh: Ngai Dak

This is an interview clip from Scoop. This is Charmaine's part and all the cast chooses her as the most ngai dak (can go through hardship). This clip clearly shows how hard it is for her to film Dance of Passion. She even hurt herself. So vote vote vote for her!

Dance of Passion Scoop Interview

Gigi Lai "Fussy"

Moses Chan "Big Appetite"

Ada the "prankster"

Bowie "Annoying"

Ivy: Enjoy the clips! I've added the part for other artistes in the scoop interview clip. Actually all of them are worth the watch! Really funny especially the NG's where Charmaine had trouble with her donkey and She was screaming "I'm not riding it anymore!" and also "Hey Big Bro! Where you going!?" when her horse went to the! besides, NG's of other artiste are funny too! Gigi's out of breath and Bowie's Watch to find out!

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ada said...

Thanks for posting this clip. I admire Charmaine more after watching it.

Ivy said...

You're welcome ada. Glad you like them :)