Monday, March 24, 2008

Astro View : April 2008

Astro View April Issue featured an article on Linda Chung and in the article Charmaine Sheh and Maggie Cheung Man Yuk was mentioned. I'll translate Charmaine's part and also Maggie Cheung's part.

Most Admired Miss Hong Kong

Charmaine Sheh

- She is a very hardworking artiste. There are no characters to portray that will be a difficulty to her. She is also my "person to learn from".

Maggie Cheung Man Yuk

- International Artiste, she is also the first female artiste to enter the overseas market. I admire her spirit. She is one of the best of the best.

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Ivy : Hahaha. So Linda idolizes Charmaine and also Charmaine's idol...Maggie Cheung. Linda sure idolizes Charmaine as the both of them has quite a similar fate after joining Beauty Pageants (Charmaine Ms HK while Linda Ms Chinese International). Both of them were criticized for having "chicken voice".

Linda also mentioned before that she learned from Charmaine that to fix this problem, read the newspapers out loud. And Linda seemed to be using this technique correctly as her "chicken voice" is starting to fade too just like Charmaine's. Also Linda admires Charmaine's crying skills. In 2006 TVB Anniversary when Linda was interviewed and asked who she supports for the Best Actress she said "I support Charmaine! Her tears are just too "gam yan"!"

Also look at this picture of us on January 26th!! Hehe. Those who are there know where you are. I think the picture was took by the press. Lovely picture. Showing us supporting Charmaine with all the banners and "dang phai"(light banners). Hehe. Lovely memory!

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