Thursday, March 13, 2008

Music Poll For Fun!!

As I am tired from studying I decided to post this. Haha. I've been thinking what song to change for my feature song. So I decided that you readers should have the chance to choose as you guys are the ones who are listening. So every 2 weeks I am going to change the feature song. How am I changing it? I am going to attach a poll for you guys to vote which song is going to be the next feature song. This is how it works.

After 1 week of feature song being on air, a new poll will be posted with 3 song selections by me. The poll will last for 7 days so at the end of day 7 I will collect the results and post the song that you guys choose. Readers will choose from these 3 and the song with the highest vote will be the next feature song for the following 2 weeks.

Complicated? Haha. Let's try with poll number 1 first to replace the song "connected heart" by Joyce Cheng.

Also you can post your suggestions on what songs you would like to include on the next poll on the cbox. I will take your requests into consideration. Only Cantonese/ TVB related songs please. After every song has been featured for 2 weeks, the song will be added to the playlist so you guys can still listen to the song at your pleasure! Alright let me post poll number 1 now! Start Voting people!

p.s If I am busy and could not change the song, then I will change it when I am back online and the song will be featured for 2 weeks. So means no matter what, every song will be featured for at least 2 weeks!

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