Friday, March 14, 2008

Supreme fun


After a three-year hiatus, Hong Kong TVB’s most popular and long-running game show Super Trio is back to thrill fans and sporting a new name – Super Trio Supreme.

What a roller coaster of excitement it was to be flying to Hong Kong to meet TVB game show hosts for the first ever cross-over collaboration between TVB and Astro.

First introduced in 1995, the TVB produced series, Super Trio, was so popular that it lasted a decade. Veteran Hong Kong entertainer Eric Tsang Chi Wai was the main host, assisted by Jerry Lamb Hiu Fung and Jordan Chan Siu Chun, who was later replaced by Chin Ka Lok.

After six seasons, the show bowed out on July 16, 2005. Now back due to popular demand, the hilarious game show which is now called Super Trio Supreme, features Tsang, Chin, Louis Yuen Siu Cheung and Wong Cho Lam as hosts.

Super Trio Supreme hosts (from left): Chin Ka Lok, Eric Tsang, Yuen Siu Cheung and Wong Cho Lam filming the first episode of the new season of the popular game show.

Astro’s Malaysian artistes from the station’s various reality shows – Hew Wan Ting, Cleo Tay Chin Teng and Crystal Wong Lynn Pei – were also in Hong Kong’s TVB City to participate in the shooting of the first episode of the game show. StarTwo was also present.

Astro hosts presented souvenirs to the four hosts and offered Tsang a piece of durian dodol, which formed part of the Malaysian giftpack. He took just a bite and immediately ran out of the studio.

When the media caught up with him later, he revealed: “I don’t eat durian but I figured candy would be fine. But, it turned out to be even worse. The moment I put it into my mouth,I felt like the powerful essence of durian had invaded all my senses.”

Miu Kiu Wai playing the Hole in the Wall, a reputable game imported from Japan.

Recovering his composure, Tsang said: “Now that we’re bringing back the show and doing this crossover in Malaysia, it will be a big and happy show for everyone to enjoy.” Chin who was in Malaysia for two months last year to choreograph the stunts for the country’s first martial arts flick Kinta 1881, remarked: “I had a very enjoyable time in Kampar and I’m glad to be going to Malaysia to shoot Super Trio Supreme there.”
Yuen, a new addition to the show, added: “There are lots of new games and they are going to be even more fun and exciting, especially the one called Hole in the Wall.”

Wong, who will also be hosting the show for the first time, said: “I grew up watching Eric Tsang hosting the Super Trio series and I still cannot get over the fact that I will be hosting alongside my idol.”

Gracing the show are celebrity guests Miu Kiu Wai, Bosco Wong Chung Chak, Charmaine Sheh Sze Man, Krystal Tin Yui Nei, Johnny Tang Siu Chuen and Mui Siu Wai. Astro’s celebrity guests Hew, Tay and Wong, who would be co-hosting the show when it comes to Malaysia, also took part in some of the games.

Apart from introducing the reputable Japanese game named Hole in the Wall (that requires participants to pose according to the shape of the hole), Super Trio Supreme also showcases creative games like Hold Me Tight, Tweezers, Kissing Cards, Balance Beam, Hitch On and Creamy Face.

Charmaine Sheh gets a Creamy Face.

With 26 episodes planned for the series, the Hong Kong hosts and crew will be collaborating with Astro’s hosts in Malaysia next month.

“In light of the new season of the popular game show, we will be working with Astro and our preliminary plan is to produce four episodes in different states in Malaysia.

“The production of the game show shall implement much local flavour by inviting Malaysian artistes to participate,” said TVBI’s Telecast Licensing Division Controller Sherman Lee.

Super Trio Supreme will air in Hong Kong on TVB Jade every Sunday starting March 30 and premiere on Astro Wah Lai Toi (Channel 311) at 9pm on Saturdays starting April 5.

News Article courtesy of The Star Malaysia.

Ivy : This is great news! I didn't know Astro colaberated with TVB in the new season of Super Trio! Seems that many Hong Kong artiste will be expected to be coming over to Malaysia starting from next monthImage Hosted by I silently wish for Charmaine to come! Haha. And 4 different states in Malaysia! Haha yay! Penang got chance! I'll go support for sure but only wish it doesn't clash with my EXAMS!!! I got exams from April to June!! Just pray the dates will not clash!

Another good news is Wah Lai Toi Astro channel 311 is airing the Super Trio Supreme almost same time as Hong Kong!!(Special Thanks to Rachel for SMS-ing regarding this article and also the airing date and time) I suddenly love Astro....lolz...!

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