Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Seventh Day

Something not related to Charmaine. I saw two versions of the themesong from the currently airing series "The Seventh Day" starring Kevin Cheng, Niki Chow, Bosco Wong and Natalie Tong. I like the opening theme for this series. Pretty unique as they write out the name of the casts in english. Also the themesong and the themevideo suits the romantic feel to the series. The two versions I mentioned about the themesong are actually the original TVB version sung by Kevin Cheng and another one is by 泳兒. I actually like 泳兒's version. But Kevin's version is nice too! Here are the two themevideos mentioned. Well, 泳兒's version is actually a music video instead of a themevideo. Enjoy and also which version do you all feel is better?

Kevin's Version

clip credits to TVB

泳兒 Version

clip credits to 码头蜂蜜

Also enjoy the subtheme of The Seventh Day by Kevin Cheng and Niki Chow! Ok...Charmaine and Kevin make a good on screen couple but I have to admit Niki and Kevin too! Also Jack has a special appearance in the music video! He is so cute!!

Subtheme by Niki & Kevin

clip credits to 码头蜂蜜

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