Monday, March 3, 2008

"Forever Remembrance Lydia Shum"

Charmaine attended the tribute for the late Lydia Shum "Forever Remembrance Lydia Shum" held at Hong Kong Colliseum yesterday together with Raymond Lam, Joe Ma, Wong He and Kevin Cheng. Other TVB artiste who attended included Ron Ng, Susanna Kwan, Louise Lee, Nancy Wu, Damien Lau, Kenny Wong, Bernice Liu, Linda Chung, Fala Chen, Anne Heung, Elaine Yiu etc.

Charmaine expressed that she did not need to work today so she came over to pay tribute to Lydia. She had cooperated with Lydia in many occasions throughout her 10 years in the industry and the deepest impression she had on Lydia is her laughter which could catch the attention of the audiences. Fei Jie has a good memory, seldom making errors in her shows. Asked if she has any words to convey to Joyce Cheng? Charmaine answered that she understands that Joyce is feeling troubled and sad at this period of time but she has grown up now and will be able to cope through.


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Raymond : I'm sure Fei Jie will be happy.

Charmaine : It was touching.....Yan Yi...yeah Yan Yi have to hold on. I know she can do it, she is a very clever girl.

Reporter : Do you have anything to tell Joyce?(asking Kevin)

Kevin : I wished all the best to her new album. I know she loves to sing. I hope she will have an achievement in the singing industry. Actually I am happy for Yan Yi. Although Fei Jie has left but Yan Yi has many people supporting her. Hope she continues to work hard.

Ivy : So not used to hear the sad tone of voices the way Raymond, Charmaine and Kevin spoked in the clip above. Rest In Peace Lydia. We will always remember you.
Also haven't heard of Ron for some time. He looks great though. Really handsome. Also I can't help feeling that Bernice's coat reminds me of a black bear! No offense!

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