Friday, March 21, 2008

Terimee: Success Stories 2005

Lastnight while my mum was doing spring cleaning of the reading room, I went in and among the scattered books and magazines all over the floor, I spotted a familiar face.......Charmaine!! Haha...At once I took the booklet and flipped through the pages. Ooh...It is the Terimee Slimming Centre booklet from 2005!! All this while I thought my mum already threw away the booklet..Haha! So actually it was hidden between the stacks of magazines...LOL! I remembered I had the calender too!! But at that time(3 years ago) I did not know how to treasure it yet so now it is gone!! Maybe in the thrash.....*regrets regrets*.......

So anyway, some of you may have not seen the contents of the booklet before...especially the younger fans and fans from Terimee only has branches in Malaysia. It is indeed a Malaysian company not Hong Kong. And they chose Charmaine as they're ambassador soon after she won Ms Hong Kong. Smart move! Here are the scans of the pages of the booklet with Charmaine in it!

As you can see in the last scan, Charmaine came for the 2004 and 2005 slimming challenge! Keeping my fingers cross for her to come this year! The Slimming Challenge always clashes with her filming schedule!!! Also Charmaine has took new Terimee photoshoot for year 07/08. Maybe you guys can check out Terimee's website here. There are gorgeous Charmaine pictures in the website!

Also TVB Jade will be re-airing Point of No Return beginning from 31st March, Mon-Fri 11.45 am.

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