Monday, April 28, 2008

Charmaine at Kunming Airport

These are clips took by fans at Charmaine's arrival at the airport yesterday. Clips credit to the fan who took it and 晓晓虹程 from bbs

A mainland fan fell ill so Charmaine filmed a "Get Well Soon" clip to her. Well, hope that fan will get well soon too with Charmaine as booster!!!

Ivy : Charmaine seemed to be so free upon arrival at the airport compared to other events. I don't see any guards surrounding....only fans. Lucky fans! And Charmaine is so kind and nice to her fans. She talked to them and told them to be careful while taking videos of her because there are cars on the road. She also remembers them!! She said she can't remember their names but she could remember their faces. Well that's more then enough for me!! HAHAHA. No news from the Cartier event yet. Will post when there is. Also I love Charmaine's bag and I could spot Tina with her hahaha...the one helping her get on the car.

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