Friday, April 25, 2008

Charmaine's TVB Blog Entry : 25th April 2008

Handing Down of The Torch

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I am appointed the spokesperson of Hong Kong Health Check and earlier on, I attended a press conference event for the company in a Greek Goddes dress.

The press conference imitates the passing down of the torch that is on progress, hoping that the message of paying attention to your health could similarly be passed down to all of you.

Because I usually have to film into late at night, I am afraid that health issues may arise.

After being the spokesperson of Hong Kong Health Check, I will do a medical check up every year.

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rachel said...

Oh, pass the torch. Yeah, I like that. Wow, Charmaine can do yearly body check up so lucky. My company only allow once in every 2 years.

She sure likes the pink T shirt she wore in Super Supreme. BTW what happen to her hair? Heh, Heh tied like a bun but if you look carefully it is like get electric static attack. ;-)