Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Charmaine's TVB Blog Entry : 8th April 2008


The Scorching Sun

Few days earlier, was filming outdoor scenes at Yuen Long Lai Chi Gardens(元朗荔枝園). The weather was very hot!

It was very laborious for all colleagues, filming under the scorching sun. So to help lower everyone's body temperature, we ate ice-cream, cooling effect!!

Tonight I will be heading to Huizhou with Ah Jie for stage performance. Let's see if I could see you guys ^_^

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Ivy : Is that Charmaine's Toyota?? Haha I think it is! Classy car ^^ Hong Kong is hot now? It's supposed to be spring!! Well Hong Kong weather has gone haywire recently. Not fond of Charmaine's hair....especially her fringe..lol. But no worries her hairstyle will change throughout the series. Also I heard Mainland fans already planned for tonight's event...lol. Lucky them!! Good show tonight Charmaine, Liza Jie too!!

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rachel said...

Ok, since I'll still haven't have a chance to comment in Charmaine's TVB Blog, I shall say that yes, the weather sucks. It's raining almost everyday in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor.

As for Charm's fringe, yikes! too straight, flat & looks like her WONG JI KUAN hairstyle in Maiden's Vow.:-(

Hope to see her more with left hair parting.. ;-)