Thursday, April 10, 2008

同一首歌·走进惠州 Delivered Audience a Joyful Night

I'll just translate Liza and Charmaine's part....

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Source : Huizhou Daily

Teacher-Student Liza Wang and Charmaine Sheh Offered Singing Performance

When "Evergreen Hong Kong Artist" Liza Wang sang the classic song "万水千山总是情" the audience at the event sang along. With recently well received television drama "Glittering Days" broadcasted, Liza Wang and Hong Kong Artist Charmaine Sheh who played teacher-student in the series delivered skillful performances.

At last night's event, the teacher-student was brought up stage again hand-in-hand singing the song " 我的心里只有你没有他" receiving warm applause from the audience.

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Ivy : Still can't get a clear clip from the event. I want to watch Liza's performance too! She is a very proffesional performer and I love watching her performances. And of course Charmaine's performance too. Charmaine sang duet of "She is not in my heart" with Liza and a solo of "Tian Mi Mi" song made-popular by Teresa Teng. During the performance, Charmaine got frightened by the fireworks! That's very cute. Haha

P.S Added new music poll!! Song selections : Raymond Lam Tai Chi Subsong, Julian Cheung's "Chuk Kwan Hou" and Hotel Luna(TVB Instrumental music) usually played during happy moments in Detective Investigation Files 4!

Added Clip took by fan!!

clip credits to 晓晓虹程

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rachel said...

Wow! Liza + Charmaine, I always like their pairing. Couldn't wait to see their new drama.
If Charmaine is to get started in music industry, hopefully Liza can help her out too. The ever exprience Professer Liza Wang...