Saturday, April 19, 2008

Charmaine's TVB Blog Post: 18th April 2008

同一首歌(The Same Song)


Went to Huizhou with Ah Jie appearing on 同一首歌·走進惠州 concert.

同一首歌 concert is held all over China, very happy that I am able to be a part of it!

While performing on stage, I did not know that there will be fireworks, and I was standing at the spraying nozzle of the fireworks. When the smoke and fire spurts out, I jumped in fright...

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Ivy : I love the picture Charmaine took in the hotel room!!! The 3 Mirror Image picture...very nice. The firework scare was pretty funny but dangerous too! Charmaine was just an inch from the flames!! I realised "Firework Incidents" had happened to Charmaine on several occasions. 1) Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards 2007. At the end of the show, the party ribbons exploded and Charmaine got frightened by the explosion and hid behind Kevin and ran over to Sonija...Lols~~ 2) NZX Concert. At the end of the event Charmaine clasped her hands over her ears before the Chinese New Year song ended expecting the fireworks as she saw the spray nozzle below stage. But as it was raining during the concert, the fireworks was cancelled!! I saw Charmaine hit her forehead with her palm and showed an emberassed laughed as Louis Yuen and Michael Miu laughed at her. Very cute! You can watch those videos I took from both events in my previous posts.

I was practically out the whole day today. Went for shopping and pc fair. Upgraded my laptop and now yay!! It's not lagging anymore! Also another great news is my DVD Recorder has arrived!! I'm still not familiar with the functions so I'm going to do some trial and error. Also SPECIAL THANKS TO MUMMY AND DADDY for the Birthday Present!! Love you guys!(I know they do visit my blog at times)

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Rachel Loh said...

I'm not sure when i go online to post in her blog. Anyway, Charmaine has to be careful with fireworks. Ha! Ha! I've the same phobia too. Yes, the Astro Award incident is still very fresh in my mind.

Another thing is that Charm now has to be EXTRA DISIPLINE with her diet due to her high colestrol.Advise from books that i read is to eat more fruits & fibre related foods to control coz fibre can help to flush out toxins from the system.