Saturday, April 19, 2008

Clips Worth Watching #6

Clips worth watching #6 features MVs from Kids Songs. #6 will not only feature Charmaine but also other kids song from other artiste and also some Charrayness...Image Hosted by

My Favourite!!

Xing Xing De Ga Min by Charmaine Sheh

clip credit to drli1021

Ivy: I love this MV out of the few MVs for the song out there. Charmaine looks great and I love the part at around 3 minutes through the clip where Charmaine sits on the table with her hands under her chins singing. Xing Xing De Ga Min really is a beautiful kids song. The melody is very nice. Love it!

2nd in the list!!

Be Brave by Raymond Lam

clip credit to witchcatherine

Ivy : A very nice song for a kids song. Energetic and fast beat song. Raymond's voice is great!! He has one of the best voice among TVB actors. His voice is deep and powerful and look at him in the kimono and the katana!! Hot! Lols~

3rd in the list!!

Chocolate & Vanilla by Bernice Liu and Myolie Wu

clip credit to MaimitFann

Ivy : This song sounds more like a kids song compared to Charmaine and Raymond's. The song is a cute song and children will love it. Coz of sugar sugar and chocolates and vanillas!! Lols.

Now more Charrayness......

Charray at Shanghai

clip credit to dawnlitecharray

Ivy : This is a clip from Drive of Life promotion in Shanghai. This clip is so so cute! Look out for Ah Sheh! Ah Sheh! Ah Sheh! and Ah Fung! Ah Fung! Ah Fung!

Charray on 15/16

clip credit to alicechen

Ivy : This is also a funny clip.Lols. Look out for Charmaine screaming and her cheekiness towards Raymond. Haha. Raymond being the gentlemen but Charmaine no chance!! She'll go all way to win the game!

Enjoy these clips first!! There are many other clips so stay tuned for more to come in coming entries of Clips Worth Watching.

p.s you can watch previous entries of "Clips Worth Watching" located at the sidebar under "Features"

1 comment:

rachel said...

Charray clips. Brings back the TDOL memories. My TDOL DVD is with my younger sister in law in Melaka. I miss those Charrayness.

Ho! Ho! got to know that they have #8 connected with them. 28 is Charm's birthday & Ray's is 8.

So Ray is prosper & Charm is double prosper.