Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Astro On Demand: Forensic Heroes II

Forensic Heroes II Themevideo

Download here

I'll post the download links for the 2 previews first as uploading at youtube takes ages!! Charmaine is featured in both clips. The file is about 80-100mbs.

Preview 1 download

Preview 2 download

Ivy: I will not be doing much news updates for awhile as my finals are near, have to study :(.....So I'll focus on posting clips etc. for awhile until after my exams. I'll also be online less frequently so if there's anything important, e-mail me! I'll post the previews for FH II after uploading at youtube is done. Charmaine is so COOL in Forensic Heroes II!!

Updated! Preview 1!

Preview 2!

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