Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Charmaine's TVB Blog Entry : 6th May 2008

All-Out Supporting the Olympic Games


Besides singing, I also participated in filming the MV. I impersonated a tennis player, going all-out to show support to the Beijing Olympic Games.

Do you all still remember the photoshoot of the horse riding event I took?

Out of all the events being held in the Olympic Games, I personally would like to watch the diving event.

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Ivy : Love Chamaine's pink tennis outfit. Looks like all from Adidas range. Enjoy the translation and leave Charmaine a comment on her blog! Don't forget to watch some Forensic Heroes II previews below! Spoilers Alert!!


rachel said...

Reminds me of the Maiden Vow's tennis game.

Oh, cool tennis outfit.Addidas has nice outfit.Justin Henin outfits too are sponsored by them.

Diving, omg that is one of my fave event too.I shall look out for our Malaysian divers too. Cutie Brian L & Leong Mun Yee. Synconise diving gosh I get shaky seeing them standing on 10 meter platform.

rachel said...

Hi, its me again and by the way Tennis is one of the event I like to watch too. The 4 Grand Slams never a miss. My favourite players till today through they have retired are Mr & Mrs Andre Aggassi. Mrs Aggasi a.k.a Steffi Graf won a Golden Slam in 88 (winning all 4 slams in a year) and the Seoul Olympics Gold Medal.

Another player that I like most through trouble for drugs in teenge years was Jennifer Capriati (I call her the fighter). Her best slams that I've seen is the 2002 Australian Open by beating Martina Hingis in scoring 40 degress Celcius in Melbourne Park. Oh, I wont forgrt Kin Clijters too. 2001 Roland Garros runner up. She gave Jen a run for the money. It was a tight & exciting match.

My current fave is Justine Henin who won't be retaining her gold medal & the erratic Maria Sharapova.