Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day Special

Happy Mothers' Day to all mothers in the world! Here is a special treat from me to all Mothers and also of course Charmaine Sheh, Kevin Cheng and Raymond Lam's fans on this special day! Enjoy!

Charmaine's Greetings

Download here

Kevin's Greetings

Download here

Charmaine Promoting Astro Mobile

Download here

Raymond Lam Promoting Astro Mobile

Download here

Ivy : The above clips are recorded from Astro Wah Lai Toi by me. Honestly it took me a long time waiting for WLT to air the commercials and I stood in front of the TV spotting Charmaine almost the whole day and my mum was wondering why am I recording commercials? Hahaha. But fortunately I managed to record all the clips! I love the clip where Charmaine promotes Astro Mobile! She was almost bursting into giggles before she could finish her lines! Wonder what made her laugh? Hahaha. And her hair! I call it the "Telletubies Hair" is just so adorable!

Once again Happy Mother's Day to my mum and all other mothers! Hope you enjoy yourself with your family today! And to all children treasure your mother! Without her there is no you!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Charmaine,
How are you today? and I love to watching the movie have you. and you are so beautiful and number one all of the movie @ TVB