Monday, May 12, 2008

Forensic Heroes II Previews Week 2

Week 2 of Forensic Heroes II spoilers are here!! More of Madam Ma in action!! This week AOD featured 3 previews and all of them contain MAJOR SPOILERS!! So watch at your own risk! I recommend watching Preview 5 part 2. Not too much spoilers but it is a very funny clip showing Madam Leung's suboordinates' dislikes againts Madam Ma. Hahaha. Enjoy!

AOD Forensic Heroes II Bobby & Frankie Promotional Trailer

Preview 3

Preview 4 (Part 1)

Preview 4 (Part 2)

Preview 5 (Part 1)

Preview 5 (Part 2)

Ivy : I can't wait to watch Forensic Heroes II!! Hahaha. Charmaine is so cool in this! As a reminder please co-operate by not posting too much spoilers in the Cbox. Thanks! Also on the music poll...I realised that the Herbalist Affair song is not playing correctly. Also I am having problems uploading musics to Imeem recently. I tried using other computers and internet connections but still the same problem. I have lodged a report to Imeem so hope they coud solve it ASAP. So this means that the music poll will be on hold for awhile.

I will resume the music poll after my final exams. And as I'm having my exams, Patricia will be recording the Forensic Heroes II Previews for the following week. I'll remind her as she is forgetful! Hahaha.

p.s download links for the clips will be posted later!!

Added Download Links!! (click on the title to download)

Trailer( Bobby & Frankie)

Preview 3

Preview 4(part 1) Preview 4(part 2)

Preview 5(part 1) Preview 5(part 2)

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