Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Charmaine's TVB Blog Entry : 13th May 2008

Packed Schedule


Last month I attended the opening ceremony of German Brand car BRABUS outlet in Shenzhen. The schedule was very tight that day. After attending the event I had to rush back to TVB City to hoi chong (開廠) ...

Do you all know what is 開廠?...........................開廠 = Starting the studio filming.

Added May 14th by Charmaine!!!
I knew that a major earthquake hit Sichuan province. When I saw the figures of the death toll, I felt a tremor in my heart. The tremors from the quake could be felt even in Hong Kong. I whole-heartedly give my blessings to the victims of the earthquake!

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Ivy : So nice of Charmaine to edit her post giving her blessings to the victims of the quake. Many disasters recently. First, the Myanmar Typhoon and now this earthquake. And its already so near to the Olympics! The death toll is still on the rise and this reminded me of the Tsunami that hit few years back. As I'm living in Penang, one of the majorly affected areas in Malaysia, from my personal experience the tsunami was really scary! My family even planned for a picnic by the beach that day as it was a Sunday after Christmas!! Luckily we had a change of plans!

My friend on MSN told me that she saw waves higher than roofs of houses and at the time I told her, "Hey! Stop exaggerating!!" Well seems like what she said was true! Fisherman boats were swept upshore into the middle of the road and ambulances' sirens could be heard continuously for days! And famous Gurney Drive was covered in mud and many cars parking by the roadside damaged! Luckily none of my friends and families were affected. My blessings to the victims of the Sichuan Earthquake and the Myanmar Typhoon too. Owh...Charmaine's restaurant is in Sichuan province right? Wonder if it was affected?

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