Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Charmaine Considers Being Unmarried Mother

18 August 2008
Emma Lam

Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) attended the opening of a handbag store on Saturday and was met by a pair of lions after cutting the customary ribbon.

During the event, Charmaine was quizzed by reporters about the recent interview that ex-boyfriend Benny Chan (陳浩民) had given, where he had hinted about a failed relationship giving him insecurity in love affairs and also publicly announced that he was still waiting for her. She replied that she had not seen the reports and did not know whether or not he was referring to her in his interview. She suggested that the questions should be directed back at Benny himself.

Asked if she had has also had a very memorable relationship, Charmaine smiled that her most memorable love affair was her first love when she was 18 years old, but she does not like to dwell on the past and will always look to the future.

With so many celebrity weddings this year, Charmaine was asked if she has any wish to get married soon. She smiled that she does not particularly want to get married, but she does think a lot about having children. She said frankly that she does not mind being an unmarried mother, but she has not found a suitable partner yet.

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Ivy : Just came back from my 5 days trip to Kuala Lumpur and saw this news of Charmaine. So I post it up first. Good reply from Charmaine about Benny to the reporters. And I love Charmaine's dress. It was a very very eventful trip with Moses, Tavia, Michelle Yim, Raymond Lam, Ha Yu, Lee Sze Kei, Louis Yuen and also the other fans last 5 days. I will post up clips, pictures and my experience by parts soon. So stay tuned!

Also, these 5 days was just good news and also I was really really lucky with celebrities. On Monday after all the events ended, I received another good news from KC my friend who called me. LOL. She told me I won the competition hosted by Batgwa Community. And the prize I won is a Joey Yung Starlight CD and Poster both autographed!!! I thought she was pulling my leg at first but turned out she was not joking!!! I never even expected I could win the competition!!Thank you so much Batgwa!! I feel so lucky for the last few days! Hahahaha...... Here's a picture of the prize I won!

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