Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Drive Of Life Special : FungPong Blog #7

Wing Sau Fung Blog: Meeting Again

My mother often say that I am very bold. She also reminds me that if a person has no fears, then it is very easy for that person to do something wrong. Yes, when I am outside earning money, I am fearless. I will overcome any obstacle to get what I want.

Nobody knows that all my courage comes from the fear in my heart. I fear that I could not give mama the best living environment.

Mama finally came back to Hong Kong from Canada. She is living with me in the house I bought for her. When I get to hug her, chat with her and see her sitting on the massage chair peacefully, I really feel so happy. Mummy, I will protect you.

I want to get rid of all your grieve and bad memories of your past. As long as I am here,no one can hurt you anymore. No one.

Wah Zhan Pong Blog : Person with Same Beliefs

Third uncle and family left already. Let's not talk about those lame stuff. Talk about the happy stuff instead. Although very unfortunate, I finally have no choice but to work at Kwok Wai, but I met again with that person with same beliefs as me, that women.

I will not trouble myself, so I chose to work at the property department. And definitely, I got Chi Ming to be my assistant. Hehe, Ngai Wing Piu thinks that the property department bring very little profit to the company so he allocates so little resource here? Leave it to me then!

Since the property market is so prosperous now, let me sell of Kwok Wai's stocks then! Nothing is more practical than making money!

I unexpectedly met Wing Sau Fung again. Really did not expect that she is not only greedy for money, bold and strive to excel but she is also a very intelligent and able person. Although without doubt, I am more intelligent than her, if not she would not have been fooled by me. But then, she really surprised me. She is so capable of talking me into pushing the price of the property up high so that the client voluntarily offered a high price. If I want to make money, how could I not look for her?

With Wing Sau Fung, I am sure in half a year, I could make 30 million. Then, my hotel dream will become a reality!

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Ivy : Another edition of FungPong Blog^^

I am leaving for KL tomorrow afternoon and will be back by either Monday or Tuesday night. I'll be attending many functions and also airport send off this weekend until sometimes I lost count. haha. I may bring my laptop to KL with me. And also looking forward to meet you guys this weekend! (Jessie, Joniser, Rachel, Pat Pat, Jo Pao) Hehe. Hope I didn't left anyone out...

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