Thursday, August 7, 2008

Countdown to the Olympics!

I went browsing through youtube to watch some videos. So, one after another and I ended up watching Olympic videos. Haha. This time I was looking for live performances and it was a bonus if Joey's in it. Haha. So here's two clips(which I feel was very nice and enjoyable to watch) to share to fulfill your anticipation before the real Opening Ceremony tomorrow.

'Beijing Welcomes You' Live from Tian Anh Men, Beijing

clip credit to globeluna

I like this performance. Feel so united...Hehe.

'Forever Friends' English Version Live from Tian Anh Men by Joey Yung, Eason Chan, Sun Yun and Wang Feng

clip credit to myk09

I like this one very much. The performance was great. And Eason and Joey's English pronunciation was Good! Although the mainland singer's English pronounciation was not perfect, but still it was a good performance. They sang the song with lots of spirit!

Remember Joey's Genting Starlight Concert? I mentioned that there was a fan who went up stage to sing with her? And I had the thing recorded on my phone? Well I didn't manage to convert it but then I found news clip of the concert which also mentioned about the fan. Hehe. There was actually a 7 minute coverage on the whole concert by TVB8 E-news. But then all the videos were removed from Youtube because of copyrights. So there's still one news clip available. Check it out at my post, Joey Yung Starlight Live in Genting

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