Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Drive Of Life Special : FungPong Blog #8

Wah Zhan Pong Blog : Nobody can stop me

If I want to do something, no one can stop me. What I want to do is help Kwok Wai gain 30 million, then my father will invest into my hot springs resort. I said before I will do it, then I will certainly get it done. My sister kept on asking me to stop, she's afraid that she couldn't keep the secret from dad anymore. Wing Sau Fung also asked me to stop. She was afraid that the garden view units will drop in price.

They all are looking down on me. My judgement is never wrong(previously I was only played by Ngai Tin Hang), in the end I won right? I am always victorious.

My father is the person that looks down at my potential the most. He was sure that I will bring big disaster to the company, thus he forced me to apologise and express my guilt to the shareholders. But then, I helped the company to gain 30 million, what wrong had I done? Unless, they complain that they have too much money.

But in this world, who will complain that they have too much money? Daddy?

P.S. : Nosy Fong Bing Yi does not know how to differentiate bad and good, exposed this young master's money making plans. I promise, I will give her the punishment until she will kneel down and beg for mercy! HA HA HA~~~~

Wing Sau Fung Blog : Excited

I have to remember this day. Today is the day where Wing Sau Fung earned the most money since birth! When I managed to sell off all 50 units of Zhan Pong's garden view houses, I was so excited until I was standing laughing and screaming out loud. Everyone thought I was a fool.

True, I am a fool. But then, I am the greediest fool. Even if I'm silly, I want to be even more silly than this!What a pity, mama is in Beijing and could not celebrate with me. I already told her on the phone that I will treat her to an abalone feast. Mama is not around, so I have to celebrate myself. I did something that I wanted to do for a long time---shop crazilly at the branded store. That bag, that skirt, that shirt and that high-heels.....I have eyed them for a long time but then I didn't want to spend the money. But today, I achieved my wishes at last!

I believe that to have the ability to make my own money and spend my own money, that is what a women should be proud of.

When I was trying on a skirt, the salesperson also agreed that I looked good in it. At that moment, I thought about Wah Zhan Pong. This man, he made me make so much money. What about, I wear this skirt for dinner with him?

Original Blog post from TVB The Drive of Life Blog

Please credit me if the translations are reposted. Thank You.

Ivy : Thought I'll post another FungPong blog before I go to bed. Charmaine was online for a whole 2 hours today at BBS looking at her news from 2007. Either she was so engrossed in reading or she left her browser on. LOL. She didn't post any messages this time.

Talking about The Drive of Life, Astro Wah Lai Toi will be airing it from October onwards. So by calculations, this series should end by around the voting time for Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards 2008! Hopefully it will be another eventful awards ceremony as it was last year!

Also more good news I received(I seem to be receiving many good news since the trip to KL...which of course is good and I'm happy for it!). First is I won an Olympic TVBuddy key ring from Batgwa Community!! Hahaha. And secondly, Super Trio Show will be coming over to Penang for filming from 22nd September to 26th September. I'll post more updates on Super Trion once they are available. Hope that more TVB artistes and also the ones I like will attend! Also I'm keeping my fingers cross for Charmaine!

Alright, time for bed! Goodnight!

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