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Final Day : KLIA



Above : Tavia Yeung smiling to the camera at KLIA on 18th August 2008 for her departure to Hong Kong.

The next day, early in the morning, my cellphone rang. And it was a call from Sei Ye Pat Pat.(I'm sure all Charmaine Fanclub fans knows who she is) Haha. She called me and asked me who will be at the airport later in the day? And I told her, Tavia Yeung, Lee Si Kei, Ha Yu and Moses Chan. Then, she told me she wants to go too. But then, she has a class to attend. So she said she'll think about it first and call me later.

I was supposed to meet Jessie at Bukit Jalil LRT Station. The previous day, they taught me to take the train at Maluri Station and I'll reach Bukit Jalil straight but I ended up looking at the signboard for Melawati wonder I lost my way. So I told Jessie I'll go to KL Sentral. And at the same time Pat Pat sms-ed me and told me she'll be coming too with another friend Kaley. So ended up, I told Jessie I'll go to KLIA straight together with Pat and Kaley and meet her there.

I met up with Pat and then we sat the bus to KLIA. She passed me the TVB 2008 Red Packets from V!! Thanks V for remembering! And also she gave me an autograph from Charmaine. Hahaha. We chatted on the bus and when we reached KLIA, I called Jessie. She told me she was still in the car listening to Myfm as there was an interview with the four artiste. So since it was still early, we sat at the chairs. That was when I heard a family beside me said, "Lee Chong Wei balik hari ini. Dia di bawah. Mari tengok!" (Lee Chong Wei is arriving today. He is downstairs at the arrival gates. Let's go and see!) FYI, Lee Chong Wei is Malaysia's Badminton player for the Olympics and he came back with a silver medal. I told Kaley and Pat what I heard and Kaley was so excited. Hahaha. She said follow that family!! So since it was still early, we followed them to the arrival hall.

At the arrival hall, there was a super large crowd. Mostly of Malaysian athletes carrying banners and flowers welcoming Lee Chong Wei. But then, he hasn't came out to the arrival hall. So we waited. And waited...waited...waited but he still didn't come out. I saw my's 4.15pm!!! Tavia and the rest are taking the 5.50pm flight. And Jessie said the interview alread ended and they are already waiting for them at the departure hall. If I missed sending them off because of waiting for Lee Chong Wei, I'll hit Kaley on the head!! Hahaha. Because she refused to leave and wanted to wait for Lee Chong Wei. LOL....just kidding. Ok after 4.15pm and Lee hasn't arrive, me and Pat Pat decided we couldn't wait any longer and risk missing the artiste. So we went back up to departures.

To my relieve, we saw Jessie and the rest still waiting up there. Hahaha. And then, we approached Jessie and said Hi. And before we could say anything more, I turned around and saw....Hahaha, none other than Tavia walking towards us. LOL. Phew...we were just in time. Luckily we did not stay longer down there. Tavia walked towards us and waved at us and I saw Ha Yu behind her smiling away too. I saw Moses walk pass and he was busy..LOL...because he was talking on the phone. And those two beside me(Pat and Kaley), was still blur and asked, where is Moses!!!??? And I pointed to them...there! there! And they went, "Where?Where?" And Is said, "There!! On the phone!" hahaha. Finally, they spotted him and Kaley went, "Wah so tall and suave!!" Lee Sze Kei wasn't there and Jessie told me LSK will be staying for an extra week in Malaysia.


Above : Ah Mo(Moses Chan) with his trolley of luggages smiling to fans.

After that, we followed them to the check-in counter. And Tavia was the first to step out and attend to us. Some of her fans gave her something to sign and Jessie passed her a gift. Tavia took it and said, "Wah, em koi! Lei dei ji gei zheng ge ar?"(Wah, thank you! Did you all made it yourselves?) At this time, Pat Pat and Kaley was gone...I think they went to chase Moses. Haha. Then after that, I took some pictures for Tavia to sign. And I told Tavia, "Ah Yi, lei ho em ho yi se ngor ge meng ar? Se ying man la..I-V-Y."(Ah Yi, can you write my name on the photo? Write in English, I-V-Y) I spelled out my name for her so she won't get it wrong. Haha.. and Tavia replied, "Dak." And she thought for a moment of what I spelled....and continued.."Oooh..Ivy hai ma?"(Ooooh...Ivy right?) And I replied, "Hai!"(yes!) And she wrote my name for me!! Haha. She has a nice writing in english. LOL. And she used cursive. After she signed that picture, I asked her to sign a few more for V and Joyce. And then......(as I was using KC's gold marker pen...) Tavia suddenly told me, "Wei, li gor pat mou jor sui ge?"(Wei, this pen has no more ink?) And I went..."Har....???" So she went shaking the pen for ink flow and managed to sign the pictures. Phew....Then she asked me, "Hai em hai lei ge pat ar??"(Is this your pen?) And I went..."Photobuckethai ar...ngor ge...em goi sai lei le."(yes, It's mine...thank you very much.)


Above : Signed photo of Tavia addressed to me, Ivy. Tavia has a nice writing in english.

So after that, I went over to Jo Pao(Ha Yu). He was standing there smiling away taking pictures with someone. So after he took the picture, I approached him and asked him, "Can you sign some pictures for me?" And of course he said yes! And I got two pictures for him to sign, one of himself in Heart of Greed and the other is a picture of him and Moses doing a tai chi pose in HOG. And when he saw the second picture he said, " gor hai ngor dei ge jiu pai 'posey' lei ge wor!"(Waiih...this is our trademark pose wor!) I laughed at his remarks and after he is done signing, I asked if I could take a picture with him? And he said OK! So I stood beside him and then OMG...I'm alone....where is Pat Pat?? She's having my camera!!! And Ha Yu was waiting beside me....So I searched around and luckily I spotted Jessie!! Phew....Jessie helped me take the picture with Ha Yu. Hahaha. (Thanks Jessie!) I thanked Ha Yu and went to look for Sei Ye Pat Pat!


Above : Autographs from Ha Yu. Ha Yu remarked that the picture on the left is his trademark pose with Moses Chan.

I spotted both of them Kaley and Pat Pat just done taking pictures with Moses. After that, the artiste went back to the check-in line for check-in procedures. And I saw Tavia talking on her phone. And Wow...high-tech phone. LOL. It's a touch screen phone. Then, Moses came back out again to attend to his fans. So I went forward and asked him to sign a picture of me and him taken the previous night at the hotel. After that, I took another picture with him.

Then Tavia came out again to take photo with her fans. So the guard asked us to make a line and line up to take turns taking photographs with her. So I helped Pat and Kaley to take pictures with Tavia and when I wanted to take, the guard pulled me off.....So I have to go line up again. And when it was up to the turn of the person in front of me, the security guard said, "OK, last one!"PhotobucketNO WAY!!! I still haven't take a photograph with Tavia. But luckily, after that person took photo with Tavia, Tavia didn't move and still waited there for me to take photos with her. Haha. And seeing this, the security guard made a remark in english, "You see, how generous is Yeung Yi! Yeung Yi not tired but we are tired already!" When Tavia heard that, she giggled. LOL. And then took a picture with me which I love very much because the both of us looked very happy. Haha.


Above : Ha Yu posing to the camera while lining up for check-in at KLIA on 18th August 2008.

After that, they are done with their check-in and were heading for the departure gate. That was when I realised I forgot to let Moses sign the photo of Ha Yu and him with the 'trademark' pose. LOL. But then as they were heading off so I didn't have time for him to sign. I was walking beside Moses when following them to the departure gate and the fans beside me askes Moses, "Ah Mo, ho em ho yi tong lei ngat ha sao ma?" (Ah Mo, can we shake hands with you?" LOL. And Moses excitedly replied while walking, "Oh...ho yi..gang hai ho yi."(Sure, can of course can) And he shook their hands. Then, all of them went to the departure gate and it was "Bye Bye from all of us!"

After that, when we were about to leave, we saw a big crowd from outside the transparent glass of the elevator. And was Lee Chong Wei being interviewed. So hyper hyper again, Kaley went back up the elevator to the 2nd floor hoping to see Lee ChongWei. So we followed her. And haha, it was double-happiness as we managed to see Lee Chong Wei and took some pictures. Enjoyed my trip this time with the artiste and also my friends. Looking forward to another meeting and maybe...'celebrity chasing' again! Hahaha.


Above : Lee Chong Wei after press interview at KLIA.

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