Monday, August 25, 2008

Charmaine's Message of gratitude to Fans

Charmaine posted a message at BBS again today at 6.03pm. This time she posted in chinese.


Translation : Love You Guys~

Hello! I am Ah Sheh~I'm back to Hong Kong, but the happy feeling is still there! I could not forget the support you guys gave me ...from my arrival at the airport to the recording of the show that night and also my guys are always by my side. Especially at the recording of the show that night, you guys touched me by your support and cheers! I sincerely thank you guys for giving me an unforgetable journey in Shanghai~Bye

Ivy : Very sweet of Charmaine to show her gratitude to fans. Happy to hear she enjoyed her trip in Shanghai. Hope Charmaine could post up more messages to us in the near future! WE LOVE YOU TOO AH SHEH!! 我们都爱你!!永远支持你哦~~!!

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