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Moonlight Resonance At Summit USJ 17th August 2008



Above : (From left) Ha Yu, Lee Si Kei, Moses Chan and Tavia Yeung at Summit USJ Promoting Moonlight Resonance on 17th August 2008.

So after we sent Fung off at the airport, Grandpa Jo drove us to Summit USJ. The event is to start at 12.30pm but it was only about 9am. So Rachel said that she'll go home first and meet us at Summit later. So, after dropping Rachel off at her house, Grandpa Jo drove us to Summit. On the way, I watched Joey Yung's Concert with Leo Ku in his car. Hahaha. After we reached Summit, as the mall haven't open their grills, we planned to wait at Starbucks first. Grandpa Jo didn't want to wait so he said he'll go back home already. So we said bye to Grandpa Jo. (Thanks Grandpa Jo for being with us!)

So we waited at Starbucks and at around 9.30am the grill opened and I saw the stage for the event. There is a big Moonlight Resonance(MR) poster backdrop there. At about 10.30 we already started waiting and we got the front row. Hahaha. Rachel arrived later and the crowd was already very huge. So she had to get a spot somewhere else. The event started with the MC asking questions and giving out goodies. The artiste arrived late at around 12.45pm only they arrive. We were actually waiting until quite tired especially with lack of sleep but once saw Tavia and the rest, hahaha...fully energetic again.

The event started with the artiste saying hello to the audience. And when it was Tavia's turn, she asked the crowd what is her nickname in MR?? And the crowd roared "Lo Lui!!!"(referring to her nickname given by Sussana Kwan's character as Tavia's character is an adopted daughter. Directly translated as 'picked-up daughter') Tavia laughed to this and answered, "This is the first time I'm so happy being called 'lo lui'!" Hahaha. Then after that they played games. The first game is ping pong ball balancing game and stacking cups game. Moses was asked to demonstrate on how to balance the ping pong ball on the spoon with his mouth and while he did it, Ha Yu was funny to do the marching beat. And Moses actually marched with the beat! Haha. I took a video of this game together with Moses' demonstration!! Have fun watching!

Take notice : Tavia's partner (Anne) losing out in the game. Moses' addition of Ping Pong balls to his stack of cups and Ha Yu complaining about his missing cups.

After the game ended with Moses as the winner, they talked more about their characters in Moonlight Resonance. And there was another game! This has got to be the funniest game so far especially with Tavia's presence. It is the guessing TVB series themesong game. A themesong will be played and the artiste or his/her partner will have to guess what is the name of the series. I took a clip of this game too and it is very very hilarious. (Sorry for some shaky parts....over excited...hahaha)

Take notice : At the first song, the crowd was silent. And Tavia won for first round. Then second round, themesong from "Building Blocks of Life" was played. I told Jessie that's themesong for BBOL and you can hear Jessie saying, "Ah Yi zi ge...."(Tavia knows the answer). Then you can hear me say, "Let's tell Ah Yi the answer!" That was when we go, "AH YI!!! Kin Cuk Yao Ching Tin!!"(Ah Yi!!! Building Blocks of Life!!) And Tavia heard and rushed to the front and said, "It's my series!! Building Blocks of Life!!" Look at how happy Tavia was and kept on showing us a two thumbs up! That was when Ha Yu told the crowd, "Give me hints too!!". LOL. Watch the rest of the clip to see the game get more and more interesting! Hahaha. I just love the way Tavia play games. She really gets into the game and as I said before when I went to her Ipoh promotion, she treats her fan like her friend! She's such a sport. Haha. Moses also did one smart move, he rushed to the front of the bell when it was a fight between him and Lee Si Kei. And he didn't give an answer but asked the audience, "What's the answer??" Hahaha. At the end of the clip, Tavia said she chose the right person. And Jantzen(the MC), said that next time when there are any other games to play, Tavia remember to call her up as your partner. Her name is Ah Lan. LOL.

Tavia was the big winner for the game and after prize giving, the four of them were asked to help promote Astro On Demand(AOD). Parts of Ha Yu and Tavia's comments gave me the most impression! Tavia said, "Now if you don't subscribe to AOD then you are very 'OUT' already lar. Hahaha." And Ha Yu said, " You know, at home now, I already subscribed to a Malay programme service similar to AOD. So now I can watch all the Malay shows at home. So similarly, you guys also have to quickly subscribe to AOD!" Ha Yu is really a bubbly guy! Then the artiste signed autographs for AOD subscribers and gave out autographed merhandise. But I didn't manage to get any. After the event I went to meet my mum at One Utama. I did not attend the night function at Sungei Wang but Jessie did. They didn't play the themesong game at the night function. But they played the standing on the mat game etc.


Above : Moses Chan, Tavia Yeung, Ha Yu and Lee Si Kei having a wonderful time playing games during Moonlight Resonance Promotion event at Sungei Wang Plaza. (Picture thanks to Jessie)

Pictures from Summit USJ :

Pictures from Sungei Wang(thanks to Jessie) :

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