Friday, August 22, 2008

KLIA Day 1 with Raymond Lam



Above : Raymond Lam at KLIA on departure back to Hong Kong on 17th August 2008

In the previous post, I stopped where we went back to the hotel to get some rest at about 2am. Ok, so on the same day, LOL, 4am we woke up and got ready to send Raymond Lam(Ah Fung) off at Kuala Lumpur International Airport(KLIA). I only slept for 2 hours!! When we woke up, all our eyes were red. Haha. Grandpa Jo arrived at around 5am to pick us up at our hotel and from there, we went to pick Rachel up from her house. I was practically half asleep throughout the journey. Haha. Then after that, we reached KLIA around 6 something and had breakfast at the airport. After breakfast we waited for Ah Fung to arrive at the airport. At around 7.45am I spotted Ah Fung! Hahaha.

The reason I spotted him is because of the way he carry his bag. LOL. He always carry his brown leather bag(picture above) over his shoulders. I told Jessie, "Ah Fung! Ah Fung! There!" And Jessie asked me, "Really? Really is Ah Fung? Sure?" Then I observed longer and I saw him with his hat and sunglasses and I told Jessie, "I am very sure he is Ah Fung!" Hahaha. Then I walked towards him and he looked at us with a quizzical look(maybe wondering if we are his fans). Then I waved to him and called him 'Ah Fung' and he smiled and said "Hello! Let me check in first." I said "Ok" and followed him behind. And there was a very long que at the economy class line and somehow blocked the Business Class line. And he asked, "Where is Business Class?" Then after that, one of the TVB executive who was also going back to Hong Kong said he'll handle it and went to help with check in procedures.


Above : Raymond Lam with his can of 'Milo'.

So, Raymond went back to us and if I'm not mistaken, one of his fans handed him a can of 'Milo' to drink. 'Milo' is Malaysia's most famous chocolate drink. Haha. He drank it and said "Ei, this is not bad. Taste good." And one of his fans said you can buy home a tin of this chocolate powder and just mix a few spoonfuls of it with warm water in a cup. Haha. After he drank that, each of us took pictures with him. Haha. And I got to took pictures with him first! He also examined camera's of some of his fans and talked about 'Face Detection' functions. Hahaha.


Above : Raymond Lam checking out his fan's camera.

After everyone done with taking pictures, then I passed him his album for autographs. He helped me sign his album using my marker pen and somehow, the side of the nip of the pen had smeared ink and Ah Fung kept on looking at the pen and checking his fingers to see if the ink smeared his hands. Haha. I don't know if the ink smeared his fingers or not but I hope not!! Then, Jessie told Ah Fung, "Yesterday we waited for you until very late at the hotel." And Raymond replied, "Really??Ooh..yesterday I went to visit my relative's children." And we said, "Oooh." I then gave way for other fans to take autographs and when one fan gave him a poster of Heart of Greed to sign, Ah Fung said, "I prefer this picture in Heart Of Greed compared to Moonlight Resonance. The one in Moonlight Resonance made me look like a wax figurine!" We all laughed at his remark. Then he added, " Nowadays those people handling the graphics, they edit the pictures too much, that's why." LOL. Then another fan asked for him to sign HOG DVD and that TVB executive asked the fan, "Is this original?" haha. And the fan answered, "Of course it is!" LOL. After done signing for all the others, Ah Fung returned me my marker pen and said Bye Bye to all of us! We followed him to the departure gate and said Bye! And see him again soon!

More pictures from KLIA Day 1 :

After Raymond left, we were wondering when will Michelle Yim be at KLIA? Because we expected her to leave with Raymond. But then we heard news that she will be leaving later in the day so we couldn't wait because we have to leave for another event at Summit USJ. Stay tuned for Moonlight Resonance Promotion event at Summit next!

p.s Read news that Kate Tsui met with a car accident earlier. Luckily there wasn't any serious injuries other than shock and temporary unconsciousness. Take care Kate!

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