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Heart of Greed Finale Dinner at Kuala Lumpur: 16th August 2008


Above : Tavia Yeung striking a pose in front of the camere for official photoshoot.

Once again, another one of my 'Moments With Celebrities' to share! This time, in my 5 days trip to Kuala Lumpur, I(chronologically) first went to Heart of Greed Finale Dinner(without invitation tickets), Hotel wait, Airport send off for Raymond Lam, Moonlight Resonance event at The Summit USJ and finally, Airport send off for Moses Chan, Tavia Yeung and Ha Yu. This post I will share my experience for the first night of event(Saturday, 16th August).

I arrive at KL on the 15th night and I was free for the whole day until in the afternoon of Saturday. On Saturday evening, I met up with Joniser, Jessie and Grandpa Jo. I arrived late because of the big jam at KL!! I hate the jam at KL!! Luckily I don't get that here in Penang. After meeting up, Grandpa Jo drove us to the Heart of Greed Dinner venue with Joniser as the navigator. Good job Joniser! (Although Grandpa Jo also kept on praising himself taking some credits from Joniser) Haha. But then you drove well Grandpa Jo! He drove us safely to the venue^^

We actually didn't have any tickets for the dinner in hand. But I don't know how, we just walked and manage to enter the dinner venue! But then, the event was halfway starting, so we ended up just borrowing the washroom and managed to peek on the artiste before we left. But then one thing definitely unforgettable especially to me and Jessie is because in just that brief moment of time, we managed to see Tavia really really close up!! That's because Tavia walked up from her table and shifted to another table close by to us. And she is so so pretty!!

After that we left the restaurant. And on our way back to the car, we spotted them!! Tavia, Raymond Lam, Louis Yuen, Michelle Yim and Lee Si Kei through the window! The window has printed blinds on it, but then there were quite big gaps in between so we could see what they were doing! I first saw Tavia Yeung, striking some pose for some official shots. So I took my camera out and started snapping some photos through the gap. Of course, I off my camera flash and asked the others to do that too because the flash could affect the photoshoot inside. Then, I saw Lee Si Kei and Michelle Yim being intervied. They were just inches from me....just that we're seperated by a glass window. Hahaha. So I started snapping some pictures. And then, Oh No!!! Si Kei Jie spotted me!! She looked straight at me and I was wondering what will her reaction be??? To my relief, she flashed me a smile! So I smiled back to her...Haha. Now thinking back, I was quite daring. LOL.

Then I focus on Michelle Yim who was sitting beside Si Kei Jie. Michelle looks very beautiful for her age! And I snapped some of her pictures too. Then I saw Louis Yuen finishing his interview and walking over for photoshoot! So I went to snap his pictures and Oh No!!! He spotted me too!!! LOL. And to my relief, he too, flashed a smile at me.

Above : Louis Yuen flashing a smile at my camera when he spotted me outside.

After that, I spotted Raymond Lam! It is his turn for photoshoot. I love his outfit that night. He wore a lemon green jacket and white shirt and also his thick black rimmed spectacle. After feeding ourselves with photos, we decided to leave for our next destination, Hilton Hotel where the artiste will be staying overnight.

Photos through the window :

The Wait At The Hotel


Above: Michelle Yim signing an autograph for me.

Jessie's camera went out of order after taking some pictures. So after we reached the hotel, we went over to KL Sentral which is just opposite the hotel to visit a photoshop. And seems like there was a lens problem and the camera takes 3 months to get it repaired!! Luckily I brought 2 cameras so I could borrow Jessie one. Then Jessie informed her friend who was at the dinner to let us know when the dinner ends so that we could estimate what time to wait at the hotel. Then, we went to McDonalds to grab some drinks and food. And even before the food arrived, Jessie's friend already called and told her the dinner has ended! When Joniser came back with her ice cream, she nearly splurted out her ice cream and her eyes went wide hearing that the dinner ended so soon. And Grandpa Jo's plan to enjoy his pack of nuggets and French Fries was also ruined. Haha.

We went back and waited at the hotel. After about 30 minutes of waiting, they finally arrived at the hotel. Ha Yu walked in first followed by Tavia Yeung and Moses Chan. My first reaction was to approach Ha Yu and stuck out my hand to him. Haha. He shook my hand while smiling away. Then I saw Moses walk by and I gave him a wave and smile and he smiled back. Everything felt like it moved so fast and I turned around to look for Jessie and the others. And I saw them with Tavia! Jessie asked for a picture with Tavia and Tavia stopped for a picture with her. I helped Jessie took a picture and after that I saw Grandpa Jo sneeking into the picture standing behind and managed to take a picture with Tavia too!! I wanted to take a picture with Tavia too but then the security guards were already chasing us away.

After that, Sze Kei Jie came in. And again, I shook hands with her and this time I asked her, "Can I take a picture with you?" And she answered back, "Ho yi, ho yi"(Can, Can). After I took the picture I thanked her for it. Then, soon after, Michelle came in. And again, Haha...I'm getting used to doing this! I stuck out my hand and Michelle shook it! Haha. Again I asked her, "Can I take a picture with you?" And of course, she answered, "Dak, dak."(Sure, sure). I thanked her for the photo and then Jessie took a photo with her.

After that we were waiting for Raymond and Louis but they were no where to be seen! Then I realise Michelle was still lurking at the lobby talking to someone who may be her manager. And I told Jessie, what am I doing? Get an autograph! So I took out my marker pen and Michelle's picture but the guard stopped me as Michelle was still busy talking. I told the guard OK I understand I'll wait until she's free. Then Michelle finished talking and I approached her and asked if I could get her autograph. The guard didn't allow me to at first and was trying to block me(you can see the guard blocking from the picture above). But Michelle was very nice!! She told me, "Yat chiong la, yat chiong la."(one picture, one picture) And she helped me sign. My marker had some trouble with the ink flow as I haven't used it for some time. But Michelle was very patient and she helped me sign the picture.


Above : Another picture of Michelle signing a picture for me.

We continued waiting for Raymond but he was nowhere to be seen. Then suddenly I spotted Tavia at another far end of the lobby! We all rushed over there and we saw Tavia there with her manager Ka Lai. Her manager was very nice and allowed us to take pictures with her one by one!! I took a picture with Tavia and then I asked Ka Lei if I could also get an autograph? And Ka Lei said yes you can. Tavia helped me autograph some pictures and after done signing, she asked me "Is this marker pen yours?"(Her voice was really very sweet and soft! And polite too!) I told her, "Yeah it's mine. Thanks!" And she smiled and returned me my pen.

Tavia stayed at the lobby couch sitting down, talking to the crew and also her fans. Then soon after, Moses came down. Moses' manager, also Ka Lei, again let us took pictures with him one by one. And after I took a picture with Moses, I also let him sign some pictures. Both of them were still lurking at the lobby area and I saw Moses SMS-ing on his phone. Haha. I came to know that they were going out for supper. LOL. After that, they left for supper.


Above : Tavia Yeung sitting on the lobby couch while waiting for Moses taking pictures and autograph with his fans.

We continued to wait for Raymond but he never came back even until Moses and Tavia came back from their supper. LOL. We waited until 2am before we gave up!! We called it a day and went back to our hotel to get some rest. Stay tuned for the next part of the event!

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