Thursday, February 12, 2009

細佬電單車遇意外, 祖兒心痛低調問傷勢

Post JOEY的PART上来。。。



Ivy : SURPRISE 我用中文字POST 啊??哈哈。。。应为没有时间TRANSLATE了。。。还有,要TRY用CHINESE来TYPE下。。呵呵。。。Back to English la~~~

Just want to post some comments on the article! The article roughly says that Joey's brother had a motorycle accident recently....Fortunately no serious injury only some scratches and bruises. This 'Sister SoSo'(no idea who) in this article said that Joey is one of the artiste she admires because Joey is strong although she grew up in a single family. And Joey is very filial and because she feels that she owes something to her brother because she couldn't let him grow up in a normal family so she particularly dotes on him. Joey paid for him to study abroad(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia FYI.....HAHAHA), got him a motorcyle license(although this brought some arguments between them earlier, Joey refused to allow him to learn but I guess he talked her to it) and also bought him a motorcycle.

Joey was afraid that her mother will be worried and unhappy if she argued with her brother regarding the accident in front of her. So Joey quietly talked to her brother to ask how he is. But her brother didn't give her a straight answer so she further asked and end up her brother 'fat pei hei'(talk in angry temper) at her leaving Joey even more worried and heartbroken!! So this 'Sister SoSo' advices Joey to be more strict on her brother as he has to learn from hardship.

I feel Joey's brother should listen to his sister and don't throw his temper on her...although sometimes we do get out of control. Joey supported the family since young, forgoing her own education causing her to sometimes feel inferior compared to others, vocabulary based and even supported his education in Malaysia(something to do with automobile degree) etc etc. Poor Joey, she sure would be heartbroken at that time. But brother-sister sure got fights and arguments ler....Hope he don't worry his sister any further and apologise to her!! I believe nothing is more important than family bond!!!

Also, Joey's brother studied in Malaysia! He graduated I think a year ago^^ Maybe some of you here was his schoolmate but didn't realise??? HAHAHA...he once posted a blog post on Malaysian Version of ice lemon tea..and he wrote that if you want to call that drink in Msia, you have to say '嗲哦 ice lee 毛'....(Teh 'O' Ais Limau)...Hahaha. Malaysians will understand that term. This is the link to his blog and some of the posts are quite interesting and make me envies him being a celeb's concert tix, full access pass etc...OMG~~ Also he visited Penang before and also went to the places that I pass everyday...hahaha...Another family photo!! Both took at Genting during Joey's Reflection Of Joey Concert 2007. He posted many behind the scenes stuff for the concert....Hehehe. So now I know how does Arena Of Stars looks like backstage :P....

Bed time.....goodnight!! Also Ron Ng and Moses Chan will be attending WLT Awards too. Ron is confirmed^^Also, Bosco may not attend. I think Ron Ng, Raymond Lam and Linda Chung are prety confirmed^^ Anyway, I don't want to speculate too much!! Just wait for Astro to release the full list!! I'm in KL for 6 days already...I MISS MY DOG~~~~HAHAHA.....

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