Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jade Solid Gold 7th February 2009

Joey made it to number 1 spot for J.S.G. round on 7th February for 可歌可泣. Congratulations to Joey!! Here are some parts of the show.

Joey, Ray and Vincy Chatting....(OMG....all 3 I like!!!) Hahaha..... *MUST WATCH*

Joey and Ray so so cute.....hehehehe...Joey also very sui ge!! Tease Ah Fung! Haha. And Joey like Fung Fung's eyes....hahaha...so 'gao siu'

Joey and Theresa Carpio Duet "I'll Be There"

I feel Joey sang well! Just need a slight improvement in English pronounciation then 'perfect'!!

Joey's 可歌可泣

G.E.M, Joey, Theresa and Cho Lam

Joey looks so Dai Ga Jie to GEM. Hahaha...

Ivy : Took some time to go online! Hehe....GTG again!! ENjoy!! Bye!!

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