Thursday, February 5, 2009

Off to KL.....

I'll be going down to KL for maybe a week or less to get some things done there before Uni starts. I will come online and update once in awhile when I have the chance. If there is anything important, please SMS or call me! Or leave a message at the Cbox and I'll reply ASAP.

I will go try to get tickets to Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards. So wish me luck!! Hehehe. Also TVB8 will air the TVB Gala Dinner where Charmaine sangPhotobucket Sandy Lam's "Zhi Shao Hai You Ni" this Sunday at 8pm(GMT+8) So don't miss it!

Also I want to ask, who is watching Sweetness In The Salt currently? I personally feel its a very nice series. Tomorrow will be the last episode and I enjoyed watching all the episodes so far. And I love Raymond Wong's character in SITS!!! OMG I never expected this but Raymond+Tavia as a couple in so sweet!!Photobucket(anyone feel the same??) I feel that Steven Ma's character is such a pain and he should just get away from the triangle. LOL. Will not post too much spoilers up here. I do recommend watching SITS and TVB should air it and not warehouse it!! And Ah Yi acting as main lead!Photobucket Geng! Love her character in SITS.


Start to like Raymond Wong more because of SITS!! Even my mum likes him in SITS!! HahahaPhotobucket Okie....going off to pack my clothes now....Goodnight and Bye!!

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sehseh said...

Yes, Ting Hin is also my fav character in Salt. Raymond Wong is the reason I watch Salt in the first place, have been tracking his progress in TVB since he joined them in 2007. However, because he is not TVB managed artistes, he's not getting first lead role. I hope he can seriously consider signing with TVB, but then again, his current boss is nice to him.