Saturday, March 7, 2009

21st-22nd events

Continued in another post^^....

So after red carpet, me and KC went together with my little cousin to our sits. And my mum and another cousin were together. But somehow, my other cousin got lost and seperated from my mum! Seriously, with the crowd squeezing to get in, this was very likely to happen! Luckily, that was my elder cousin so I'm not too worried of her losing her way. So KC, younger cousin and myself found our sits and sat first while my mum said she'll go look for elder cousin. Haha. Then, I spotted Linda Chung on the stage with a saxaphone. As we were busy with looking for people, so I think KC didn't realise what was happening on stage. So I nudged her and told her, "hey look! Linda on stage!" LOL. Because the award was broadcasted live so they won't wait for the audience to be seated to start. The award will just start exactly at 8pm. Linda was actually doing the opening and somesort of a sketch related to HOG. Then Raymond came out as his character 'Alfred' and then started the show. All the artiste present did a catwalk while their filmography were being narrated at the background. While all these were happening, I received a call from my aunt!!! She asked me why did her daughter called and told her that she couldn't find us!! Arggh, its like baby-sitting failure. Haha. But luckily, I saw my cousin walking towards my way and assured her that we found her. Haha.


I won't elaborate totally on what happened througout the award but will tell you more of what I saw which was probably not shown on-screen(I am yet to watch the recorded version). If I'm not mistaken, Moses took the first award that night for favourite character. And when he was taking award, I saw Louise and Susanna leaving their seats and went somewhere together...and in my mind it was the 'washroom'. Haha. Also, I saw a crew earlier carrying bottles of mineral water. I'll relate this two in a moment. So after Moses took the award, the next award was for Louise!! And then when they announced, "Lee Sze Kei!!" one came up!!As the show needs to go on, the crew hinted Moses to go up to receive it. For a moment, the artiste went blank. Haha. So while Moses was giving his speech representing Louise, I saw Louise walking back. And then the crew, Tavia, Myolie etc(sitting at the far end) sort of told Louise its her award! And once she realised, she walked into a very fast pace and went up stage!! If you notice, her acceptance speech was a little breathy. Haha. And in her speech, she said, "Sorry, I was a little thirsty so I went to drink some water...." Remembered I said I saw a crew distributing water earlier?? Haha. So I suspect that Louise went to the washroom with Susanna and not to drink water. I'm actually impressed with Louise if what I suspected was true. Because imagine her saying, "I'm sorry, I went to the loo...." It may be the truth, but it wouldn't sound good right? So two thumbs up to Louise for handling situations like this! I think most artiste are trained to react fast and accurately.

Other stuffs that I saw were Tavia and Myolie. They seemed quite on talking terms and when they were both competing for the "Most Bizarre Character" award, I saw both of them holding each others hand. And when they showed Tavia's character 'Mimi' with the extra bust, both of them laughed. In the end, Myolie won(not to my surprise...I felt that Tavia deserved it more actually...but Myolie did do thebigger sacrifice). And when Myolie won, Tavia congratulated her too. Tavia won the favourite character award and I love her speech the most!! Because the speech was so so cute^^ + Tavia's expression made it much more funny and cute. Haha. Beside Tavia's speech, the next speech I liked was Louise's Best Actress speech. It was very from the heart. Besides speech, I'll talk about singing now. Ok, if you follow my posts, I did say Bosco sang badly at JSG and should not be a singer. After listening to him sing live that night, I reaffirm my stand. Bosco just have the problem with stabilizing his vocals and relax and enjoy singing. Linda also sang and her voice too was not stable enough. But better compared to Bosco. She almost got off key in one part. Raymond sang well(not my first time hearing live) but not as well compared to Susanna. She was the best singer that night IMO. It was well worth it to be able to hear her sing 'Speechless' live once in my life. Haha.

Louise's speech : Best Actress

Tavia's Speech : Favourite Character + Joe

Also, other things that I can remember are what we did when Charmaine won awards. Haha. When the Most Memorable On-screen kiss was announced, me and KC clapped out loud. And I wonder if the people beside us was wondering why suddenly the loud clap. Haha. When she won for Wing Sau Fung, we clapped loudly too. Hahaha. Maybe even louder than before. Haha. After the award, I met up with Jessie and we went toTheme Park Hotel to wait for press conference. At first, we thought the artiste will enter into the press convenue so we waited. As I was waiting by the stairs, so I could see a little of what was happening down there.We waited for quite some time but no sign of artiste entering the venue. Suddenly, I spotted Moses walking down there. And then I told Jessie, Moses is down there! How did he went down? LOL. Then after that, I saw black heels...Black long dress....Has to be Jessica!!! Hahaha. So after deciding, we decided to go to Genting Hotel and wait at the Celebration Dinner Venue instead because we were worried that we wouldn't have enough time to travel from Theme Park Hotel to Genting Hotel if we waited for them to leave from press con.

When we arrived at Genting Hotel, we were horror-strucked. We didn't expect so so so many people waiting!! There were maybe hundreds or maybe even a thousand people waiting there!! I couldn't even stand at a good spot. So what we did was walking here and there. Haha. In the end, we managed to see Linda and Ron walking in to change clothes. After that, we managed to squeeze to a spot and saw the other artiste leaving after the dinner. Linda and Shirley left together and because Linda changed to casual while Shirley was still in her dress, Linda had to hold her hand tight and dragged her through the crowd which was really really scary, safely. The crowd was really really scary that night and I think the security guys had to work many times harder and alert. LOL. Because of the crowd, I don't think we'll have the chance to get close to the artiste today so we just watch them leave after dinner and planned to wait at hotel tomorrow morning to sort of hotel-send off?"Sung jau tim"....Hahaha.

So me and KC woke up at 4 something AM!! Hahaha. Then we walked down to Genting Hotel...which was a little scary. Hahaha.When we arrived, we saw people waiting too!!! Oh no!! Hahaha...but at least not hundreds and thousands!! Maybe around 20 people. Mostly from Linda and Tavia's FC. Because there were already so many people so we decided to go for Jessica Hsuan. Hoping not too many people bothering her. LOL. So we waited and the weather was one word 'COLD'. Really really freezing cold. Haha. But it was quite fun while waiting because the doorboy brought down their luggages first and it was quite fun guessing which luggage belongs to who. I'm still wondering if that flowery patterned luggage bag belongs to Myolie, Susanna, Louise or maybe Ron!!!??? Hahaha.

I got ready some pictures incase I had the chance for them to sign autographs. So I arranged Jessica's picture at the top, followed by Shirley, Susanna....BTW, the artiste stayed at Maxims Hotel. The cheapest room costs >RM1000 per night. So at last they came out. I spotted Ron first, together with Tavia..and Ron went pass so fast with the security surrounding etc that I had no chance to do anything. Tavia stopped by awhile but with her fanclub to sign something before leaving.

So I decided to go further back and saw the next batch which was Linda and Shirley Yeung etc. So I saw Shirley looking my side and straightaway my reaction was, "Sze Kei!!Ho yi chim ming mou??"(Shirley, can you autograph?)At this time, the security guard was already shoving them forward. And Shirley heard me and turned around and nodded to me while the guards are still shoving her forward!!! At that moment I thought that I couldn't get it already, but to my surprise, I saw Shirley still trying!! Remembered I said I put Jessica's picture at the top followed by Shirley? And the pictures are in my pocket!! And I had a little difficulty taking the picture out and I was afraid I passed Jessica's picture to her instead!! Luckily I managed to take out the picture and Shirley was so so nice!! Although the guards were pushing her forward and I was taking some time, she kept her head turned around and then stretched her hand out to me asking me to pass her the picture and pen fast! LOL...I managed to pass it to her and she turned back to the front and signed the picture while walking and being shoved by the guards!! After she signed, she turned back around to look for me and passed the pen and picture back to me!! I told her loudly,"To tse!!"(Thank You!) And she was so nice and cute to smile and nod before she left! I looked at the autograph and it was cute that she still managed to add a 'heart' in the rush. Haha. Thanks Sze Kei Mui!!!


After that, the next person was Louise. She walked alone with a TVB exec. So I didn't really dare to go near! Hahaha...So I just waved "Hi!" and I heard her say "Wah, gam zou ar?"(Wah, so early?) After she left, the next one(at least who I saw) was Myolie, Jessica and Raymond. So I went straight forward to Jessica. And she was just right in front of me!! But when I wanted to ask for autograph/picture, she was talking to Fung while walking!! I dare not ask her because I didn't want to interupt her conversation with him!!! Then Oh no!! The guards again started surrounding. And I was like shouiting, "Hsuen Huen!! Hsuen Huen!!" And by the time she heard me and turned around, she was at the entrance door of the lobby. So I asked her, "Ho yi chim ming mou?"(Can you autograph?) And her reply was, "Har??Chim Ming? *eyes looked left and right* Chim em dou le!!"(Har?Autograph?Can't auto already le!)Then she turned back around and the guards shoved her away. Haihz...too bad she couldn't sign for me but at least she replied to me!!

So after that, we went forward to the bus and stood by the side. I first spotted Tavia so I waved at her and she waved back!! So I took some photos. Behind her was Linda and Shirley. They sat together. So I waved bye to Tavia and went to see Linda and Shirley. Shirley was very active and funny. I waved to the both of them and they too waved back. Linda and Shirley seems to be really good friends. They kept on chatting and once in awhile Tavia joined them. Haha. Linda's fans communicated with her by writing on a piece of paper. And if I'm not mistaken, they asked Linda if she's not happy and crying because of something. Maybe her eyes seemed red. While Linda was busy using sign language to reply, Shirley was busy with her idea!! She was busy with something and suddenly took out a piece of tissue paper with the following written(see picture):


When there was less activity I proceed to next in line. Myolie. Myolie's popularity seemed to drop or maybe her fans aren't the type which will follow her everywhere. Not many greeted her and I saw her at the back with her arms folded and not looking too happy. She was wearing sunglasses but I could see by the side that she was closing her eyes dozzing off. Then, she opened her eyes again and this time I waved to her. She noticed me and waved back and smiled to me. I hope she's happy!! Bosco was sitting beside her the other side but totally no-interaction between them. Haha. You can see it from my video.

Then I went to see what's with KC. And because she's a Jessica fan, so she's behind trying to take Jessica's picture. Hahaha. I asked her what are you doing? And she said Jessica! And then I spotted Jessica sitting at the back and the opposite side. She sat almost at the end of the bus. So I waved towards her direction and she spotted me!! Hahaha. She smiled and waved back to us. Then I spotted someone listening to the mp3 player adjusting her clothes. And it was Lo Kun Lan!!! Hahaha. So we waved at her too and she waved back and smiled happily(kin nga em kin ngan!!). So after that, we went back to Linda and Shirley and I took another video before they left. So enjoy the videos!!

At the end of the event, I think my liking and ranking for Shirley increased!! Haha. Hope to see her come to Malaysia more often so I could go to support!! It really is true that you have to get in contact with an artiste to know their personality. It may not be their genuine personality but at least you know how warm they are to fans. And that is the most important thing for a fan to receive.


Too bad I couldn't stay on to watch Kay & Khalil's concert which was held later in the night. I even missed the live telecast...Haihz...Uni life is no life...LOL. At least for now because I seem to be very blur with what I'm studying and doing. And before I could get used, seems like there are so many assignments already! Haha. So people, enjoy school life k!! Haha. Also heard TVB will be filming 'The Grand Entrepreuner' in Kuala Lumpur end of this month? Hmm...hope I could find some time to see them film^^ If I could, then look forward to another post of me blabbering on meeting artistes! ROFL! Thank You for reading this far!! *Bow*


idwaipx said...

hey ivy!
thanks for the pictures...good shot!
are you one of the charmaine's fans who went to the hotel lobby there waiting for the artistes? I'm one of the CKY's fans. I was there too.

Ivy said...

How did you know I was a Charmaine fan!!!??? I mean at that time...not because of this blog..LOL. Yeah I think I'm one of the person you mention. LOL.

idwaipx said...

i asked my friend who u r.she told me u're Charmaine's fan. That time u were asking us for help right? I guess u're the fair skinny girl. lol..
coz u looked familiar. i mean before we met,that's y i asked my friend.
Thank you very much for the pictures.. it's a so nice ...we didn't get to take pictures and videos at that time.

Ivy said...

Yea I'm the one who asked for you all to get the auto....thanks anyway! And also you're welcome^^