Friday, March 13, 2009

Short Notice

Hi...surprised of an update? LOL...I finally have a little time to spare to write something here. Because Uni work is so so so BUSY....I rarely have time to update!! I will not be abandoning this blog but then there will be less and slower updates. I will update on some TVB stuff from time to time. So do check out the blog! Also if I can't update, I will be around the Cbox.

For those who are watching E.U(Emergency Unit)...I really want to watch it but 1) No Astro in KL 2) Not enough time! I guess I'll just wait for my semester break next month and watch it! Ok, here's a treat. MOOV(clear full versions) of the Themesong(by Ron Ng, Michael Tse and Sammul Chan) and subthemesong by Ellane Kong (手掌印). Enjoy!

Download Link :



Also I heard Michael Tse was sentenced 6 weeks of imprisonment for drunk driving and hitting someone? OMG....And also heard Ah Gil's attempt for coming back to the industry wasn't really welcomed. IMO, I feel they should give her another chance. It wasn't fully her fault. Anyway, wish her all the best. Also the drug case for Jill Vidal and Kelvin Kwan??(Feel Free to tell me more about these news!)

After learning of all those bad news, Good news is Joey released a new song!! It was just plugged on HK Commercial Radios this week. And I feel the new song sounds GREAT! Love it! Joey's singing style recently changed to very high key ar...hahaha. All her songs are so different from normal K songs and very hard to sing. But then somehow its nice! Few singers can sing this type of song. Here's the Download link to the DJ Version!! No clear version yet...and I doubt I'll post the CD version here because if there's a CD version that means her album is already released by that time. So Be Original, Hear Original! Wakaka....but its different if its MOOV version...kekeke....

Download :

搜神記 DJ Version

Ok, do enjoy the songs!! Have to go for dinner and continue with some assignment work later...*sighs* I MISS PENANG FOOD!!!!

*Added MOOV Version of Joey's song.

Download here

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