Saturday, July 25, 2009

World of Advertisements

Advertisements. Full of gimmics or one may say full of deceptions! We watch it and the thought of owning that product, grabbing and feeling it in our own hands with joy irritates us like a fly buzzing around our face and a mosquito ringing around our ears when we're asleep ( annoying). Sometimes even in our dreams we imagine ourselves owning it (I want a DSLR!! Give me one....!! or tomorrow morning I've got to go try McBreakfast's Egg McMuffin!!). But no doubt, without advertisements, how less colourful our world would have been? Advertising is indeed an art with abundance of creativity and innovation. No advertisement = a boring life. Think about it, we wouldn't know who is Charmaine Sheh, Raymond Lam, Jackie Chan, Tavia Yeung, Joey Yung bla bla if they were not marketed and advertised by TVB and EEG right? And how boring my life would have been without them!!??

This semester, I am taking Marketing as a subject. Marketing concerns very much on advertising, but of course that's not all there is to marketing. It also concerns other stuffs, which I shall not discuss further to bore you guys/gals to sleep. One of my requirements of the course more TV, do more shopping and observe the advertisements around you! Haha. Wow, how often I have the chance to watch more TV and shopping, then tell mummy when she nags, "It has to do with my studies!!!" Well I'm saying this only metaphorically as my mum do not actually restrict me. Yeah! Best mum!

Who else should I start from watching commercials if not the Queen of Commercial herself : Joey Yung? Just search 'rong zu er CM' and you may be shocked with the number of commercials available. Haha. Also since her Broadway advertisements that she filmed was just released, so why not start from her? Remember me mentioning about hanging wires, playing with water and stuff? Here are some advertisements including the latest Broadway ones and some other commercials. I have to say, marketers are getting increasingly creative nowadays. And one of the pioneer has to be (IMO) McDonalds.

Broadway Summer 2009 Commercial

Commercial 1: Poolside take. I love the opening...butterfly Joey!

Commercial 2: Dancing and the hanging wire take (I'm impressed!) Video editing can be so cool!

Commercial 3: Wire hanging plus Wet Look take!

Commercial 4: Free gifts take

Broadway has improved in their creativity in their commercials I have to admit. This year's ones are pretty good compared to earlier years. Here's an example:

And here is one of the Broadway Commercials that I like from 2007. Looks really Cool.

Besides Braodway, Joey is also the spokesperson of countless brands. Citizen, Mioggi, McDonald's, Coca Cola , Reebok, bird's nest, mooncake etc. That's why she's named the Queen of Commercials. Haha. McDonald's marketing skills are really great. Many creative gimmics and ideas. For example, asking Moses to go on the street and do a random coffee tasting to advertise McCafe or recently asking Eason, Joey and Jerry Lam etc to send McDeliveries. Here's the clip for Joey's McDelivery adventure!

And not to mention her many Shake Shake Fries Commercials throughout the years.... this is the one I like the most.

Marketing is not always marketing a product though. Ideas, services and support can be marketed too! For example,

Election day....haha. Politics need marketing too!

Public Transport System!

My point here is that whether we like it or not, marketing has become a part of our daily life. We are greatly affected by it whether consciously or sub-consciously. Maybe try experimenting how much are you affected by marketing? Start with basics like what brand of clothing are you wearing now, the brand of your cellphone, laptop, toothpaste, watch, facial cleanser and planning what to have for dinner tonight? Hehehe. Wonderful world we have here. The more they market, the more choice and variety (as consumers) we have to enjoy with! Yeah!

P.S. If you are interested in watching various adertisements maybe from your other favourite artiste like Kate Tsui, Tavia Yeung, Twins, Vincy Chan, Fala Chen etc. Then this youtube user's videos are a good resource! Have a look at his/her channel

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