Friday, July 24, 2009

Charmaine@Singapore Promotion Interview!

Here are some interview clips in English ala Mandarin of Charmaine when she was in Singapore last week for TVB Promotion! No comments about the mix of languages. Haha. It just shows how often they converse in English daily.

Find Me A Boyfriend!

Uglify Me!

Ah Sheh!! Wait till you come to Penang! Then you will know what real 'Laksa' is! Hahahaha. I gotta tell her that when I see her next time! Charmaine looks very pretty and elegant there! Oooh...I see Pat Pat and the rest holding up the banners there! Great Job!

Note: There are more videos interviewing Sonija Kwok and Moses Chan etc. But I will not embed them here because I do not want to steal their bandwidth! Visit this site to watch them!


Anonymous said...

What was that? lol. The blogger is right. Just show how good some of their English is. Ah, look at that person who says she can speak English, German, Cantonese and Mandarin. Haha, what happened?

No offence but Jessica Hsuan speaks good english coz I'm currently watching Parental Guidance on NTV7.

Penang laksa is the best. ORIGINAL. Try eating those at Lorong 100 Tahun, got standard too but nothing beats the Penang Laksa, Assam Laksa or the cendol next to Lebuh Kimberley.

Anonymous said...

I am surprise to hear Sonija's english. Her english is below average and the 'bother me' really bother me. At least Moses speak fluent english. Charmaine didn't speak much english and her mandarin is ok for someone who never study mandarin in the first place. Unlike Sonija, she study in Canada.