Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Clips Worth Watching #14

Clips Worth Watching #14!! What does clips from this post feature? Haha. Well, this post will feature clips that I uploaded myself! Hahaha. Why waste uploading and not sharing it here with you all right? Ahem. I will explain the contents of each clip below the embedded clip!

Joey Yung the Making of 搜神記 MV

30's Shanghainese Joey!!?? Japan-Caucasian male model!? Check that out! The making of Joey's currently hit song across Asia 'sau san gei'. The male model was selected by Joey and her manager Mani. Ahem, and yet Joey says she don't adore cute guys. Hahaha. Unless she consider that guy not cute! Check out Joey speaking canto mix English to that guy-->"yi wui...you know what that means?". He must be clueless listening to Joey's instructions. Hahaha.

McDonald's 'Shake Shake Fries' Themesong MV Comments

Joey commenting on her Commercial cap MV because of the popularity of the song. Somehow Joey spoke like a little child in this video. Haha. And not to mention her funny 'perasan-ness' when she said everytime she hear this song and this lady singing with such a lovely melody, and then realised Eh! That's me singing! Hahaha. And watch the MV! There's certain sacrifice made by someone into making it! Hahaha.

Solar Project 2009 Coverage

First, watch Vincy, GEM, William etc dancing! And also together with Joey, Hins and Fiona playing 'Sau Min Kau' (A ball game from Japan which I think is Softball...not too sure). Hahaha. I wonder how Joey's hat sticks to her head and not fall off? Hahaha. JK...of course she may pin it or something. Seems like Fung Fung influenced Si Jie to wear hat also already....Hahaha.

Sonija Kwok Sabah Trip Interview

A special interview of Sonija when she came to Malaysia recently. Why watch this? Just look at Sonija 上当!!!(got tricked) I was expecting her to eat the Polo Buns! Hahaha. Watch it to know what I meant. And if you watch it closely, you can see the scar on her hand which is quite visible from the 'maid bite' incident. Poor girl. And also, tomorrow is Sonija's birthday! So Happy Birthday Sonija!!! May the coming year be a happy, healthy and smooth year for you!

Ivy : Alrighty then! Enjoy the clips! Will update more of my blog ASAP!!

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