Monday, February 8, 2010

ChoFung?? JoRay??....

So far, there are Charray, Rayda, Fungyi.........and now....ChoFung?? or JoRay???



Picture source: Little BB's Blog

Its funny when Raymond joined EEG, I was just waiting for when EEG will pair him up with one of their singers. I was predicting Raymond will pair up with Vincy probably for some movie since Raymond and Vincy seems to collaborate the most in EEG. However, turns out EEG sets Raymond up with Charlene and Joey instead! Hahaha...And the funny thing was, I was just thinking what about Ray and Joey and the next day, I read news of them going to film an ancient movie together. Not much information on the movie is out yet. Except that there will be a four sided relationship between Raymond, Charlene, Joey and Wong Cho Lam...HAHAHA....I'm imagining Joey and Wong Cho Lam sure will be funny to see so tall..and one the opposite^^

Anyway, the pictures posted above looks quite nice! They are from this little girl's blog. I think its a TVB CNY MV based on what the little girl said. All these while, I felt that Joey looks more like an elder sister to Raymond although she is a year younger than him. However, the pictures above looks quite a family..SURPRISINGLY...HAHA.. Its funny too when the little girl said that Joey and her sang together and when Raymond aririved they all laughed until their tummy ached (wonder what jokes Ray cracked)...I guess filming the MV above is a hint for TVB to promote the ChoFung/JoRay couple soon..LOL....or maybe to try to make them more comfortable with each other's company first.

I remember a video of Charlene and Joey...Charlene said that Joey asked her about filming movies. She asked Charlene how could she differentiate love in acting and not put real feelings towards your costar? So Charlene said you need to know how to differentiate them between filming and real life. Joey then said, I'm not as experienced as you! If you see me falling for Ray, please help pull me away! LOLZ...NO! I hope that never happens! LOL. I can't imagine rumours between them two...thinking of it already make me cringe! Found the video:

P.S Excuse me if I wrote anything jumbled up or weirdly because really sleepy now..haha...just got back from early reunion dinner! Goodnight!

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