Thursday, February 11, 2010

Raymond Lam & Charlene Choi a bickering pair, Raymond strikes at Ah Sa's chest area

Source: Oriental Daily
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Yesterday Charlene Choi (Ah Sa), Raymond Lam, Kenny Kwan, Wong Cho Lam, Ken Hung, Christine Kuo, Kathy Tong, Steven Cheung, Katy Kung, Jessie Shum and Di Lung attended the blessing ceremony for new film a co-production between Shaw Brothers film production company and EEG.

Ah Sa reveals that she'll be playing as a bickering couple with Raymond Lam. In reality, she and Raymond are always revengeful too, just like a few days ago when the two were shooting for a snatching jade scene. The scene talked about Raymond going forward and violently tried to snatch Ah Sa's jade, the director requested that Raymond snatch with his hand near her chest area, but because Raymond had a large palm, he implied that Ah Sa was flat chested, making her jump in anger, she said: "Sometimes he's so bad, always making fun of me. A real bad boy! (Shooting with Raymond are there any sparks?) I need to think of something to prank him back with, I can withstand his electricity."

As for Raymond, he said that Ah Sa is really fun to play with, he said: "I said she's flat chested? Just playing, Ah Sa is fun to play with. This is a comedy, most of the cast are very funny people, making a light happy atmosphere. I really thank them because I'm also shooting for another modern film, I haven't slept for a few days, so with them laughing a bit around me, I'm not as sleepy."

Additionally, this is the first time MCI Christine Kuo is taking part in a film, she'll be playing as the Princess this time. She highly praised that her senior Di Lung has an easygoing personality, willing to advise the newcomers.

Ivy: Where's Joey?? I think she didn't go for the costume tryout...if not mistaken, she's in Beijing...Now I really think that her role may be a guest role...because I doubt she has much time to act since she got 2 Starlight concerts in Australia next month!

The costume looks like the funny type of costume...not the pretty type of ancient dressing that I expected. Raymond's hat reminds me of a Malay 'songkok'...=.="(not a compliment). HAHA... And turns out its a comedy...I would prefer it to be a romantic comedy or something like that. Poor Raymond, having to act in 2 movies at the same time! One with Miriam and another with Charlene! LOL.. Ray is caught between two loves..LOL! Hope he could get more rest!!

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