Monday, April 19, 2010

Popularity of Joey’s Weibo Page Explodes

Source: Sina

Artistes have started to join the Weibo fad, which has allowed them to make regular postings on their site, no matter what time of day it is. This has allowed the artistes to share many things with their close friends and fans, such their current whereabouts, anything that happens in their daily lives and any new photographs. In fact, anything that can be looked at or thought of have been posted and written about on the Weibo pages. These pages have allowed the artistes to form a closer relationship with their friends, and it has allowed fans to closely follow the personal life of their idol. The number of Hong Kong artistes who have a Weibo page is becoming ever larger, and some have been seen using their iPhones to continuously type messages to post on their pages. Yesterday, Eason’s wife, Hilary Tsui, started her Weibo page, which she found to be very fun, and she had uploaded photographs of her family. Also, Sammi Cheng, who is currently holding a concert in Singapore, posted pictures on her page that showed the tattoos on her arm. Regarding the Weibo page that has the largest number of followers, this belongs to Gigi Leung (480,000 followers) and Joey Yung (370,000 followers).

Within a period of a month, the number of followers on Joey’s Weibo page has exploded to nearly 370,000. Recently, she has regularly been working in other countries, such as Australia, Guangzhou and Maldives, but she still works hard to keep her Weibo page updated. When Joey was in the Maldives, she had network communication problems, but after some hard work, she managed to post an update which showed her in a place that had a blue sky and sea, and she also mentioned that she wasn’t feeling well. Occasionally, Joey will post photographs of herself and some friends, and her good friend Charlene Choi appears the most often. Charlene, who is currently being troubled by the news about her divorce and the hiding of her marriage, was recently seen on Joey’s weibo page having lunch with Joey in the Stanley area of Hong Kong, after they had been filming together in ‘Emerald Pearl’.

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Ivy: I should write for Sina~ LOL....I started this topic earlier...haha..although this article was published on April 4th, but I think I still was ahead of them...wasn't I?? LOLS! And Joey's Weibo count is currently not 370,000 followers. It went up to 469,427 between 2 weeks as shown in the picture.

Well, that is why fans hopes for Joey to actually reply/read your message/comments are very slim. she posts one thing and 1 second later there's a hundred comments....nobody will expect her to read them all~ LOL.

On a sidenote, CONGRATULATIONS to Kara Hui for winning best actress at HK Film Awards last night!!!! Happy for her!! And Simon Yam won best actor for the movie I'm dying to watch. The one with Sandra Ng(one my my favourite actress)!!! Gonna go watch it after I'm done with assignments!!! Hope cinema still airs it after that...LOL.

P.S. 5 more days till A-mit concert and Charmaine's arrival~ Looking forward!! Add Oil to my assignments~ Gonna try finish one by Wednesday!!

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