Thursday, April 8, 2010

Star Wars at Eason Duo Concert

I couldn't refrain from writing this post up although I'm very busy...LOL. Well, okay, I'll make the post short!

Eason recently had his Eason Duo in HK colliseum and during the final night, friends from the entertainment circle came to watch him, including HOCC, Joey Yung, Wyman Wong etc. And during the concert, some fans caught a Star Wars Jedi in action! LOL.....


And here's a video of Jedi in action!

Lesson number 1: When watching a concert, refrain from sitting beside Joey Yung aka Joey Skywalker so as to avoid your head being chopped off by a light saber.

Miscellaneous: Joey carrying a backpack to concert...looks so student like...HAHAHA


Lesson number 2: To look young, carry a backpack!

Alright, enough jokes and stalks from my side...back to my assignments! Hope you enjoyed the Lessons of the day post and feel enlightened with knowledge after reading it!Photobucket

P.S: the light saber isn't cheap eh....I once wanted to get one and the price was around a thousand Malaysian ringgit/2000HKD. The blue one they're using is the Anakin version if I'm not mistaken.

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