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24th July 2010: Vincy Chan Malaysia Album Promo


Finally another event to write about! I went to Vincy Chan's album promotion function at Red Lounge & Karaoke last night. Yeah, function at a lounge & karaoke.......more on that later. Well, since I was in Penang yesterday and the venue of the function is just about 10 minutes from my house, so why not attend it right? Haha~

Again, I drag Karen and Eunice with me. LOL! The event was supposed to start at 8pm, however, typical as to all functions, Vincy came around 8:30pm-8:45pm. There were a few funny experience during the function though. Haha...First, while sitting with my friends and not only the two mentioned, but also 2-3 more from my secondary school which I met at the function (Penang is a small island) I spotted Joey's Malaysia Fanclub leader! Hahaha....I thought I saw the wrong person at first. But turned out it is her..LOL. Seems like she is from Penang too and also she fetched her friend from KL to Penang for the function. That's why she's here.

So as usual, before function starts, MC will warm up the atmosphere. And this time...'Thanks to my friends' I was tricked to go up stage!!! I was actually not even looking at the stage while the thing was going on...then I think the MC pointed at our group and asked one of us to go up to answer questions. Since I wasn't paying attention, so I didn't know what was happening. Suddenly Karen asked me to turn around, so okay, I turned around. And the next thing I know the MC was pointing and looking at me, then asking me to go up stage. I was so blur so I just went up. When I went up, the MC first asked me, "Are you here to see Vincy?" I answered, "Yes." Then he asked if I listen to Vincy's songs? And in my head: omgosh, omgosh.....I don't really listen to her songs!!!...But my mouth answered very doubtfully: "Yeah." My uncertainty was so apparent that the MC went, "you really know?" and I just nodded. question he asked me was, "Do you usually sing karaoke?" And to this I answered, "Yes." And now in my head: Oh no!!! Don't tell me you want me to sing Vincy's song!!!! I'll drop dead and die on stage or either blurt out a Joey song instead!!! Hahahaha..... Then he continued and talked about a song where Vincy dueted with Ocean Hoi Ming the mention of this I felt a little more relieved since I at least know that song. Lol. Then, his question was, "What is the title of that song?" In my heart: hahahahah...what an easy question!! But it 'ngoh dik wooi yik bat si ngoh dik' or 'ngoh dik wooi yik bat si nei dik'??? You critical moment, this thing always happen!!! So after judging which phrase makes more sense, I chose the first option. And yeah, finally get to leave stage!!! LOLS....after all that, I came to know later on that the MC didn't specifically ask me to come up!!!! I was tricked to believe that by my friends!! Arghh!! I became a voluntary scapegoat for them!!! Isshhh!!!!!

After that, its time for Vincy to come out. And she greeted us with a hello and 'dai gah hou!'...after that, the MC said that Penang people understands Mandarin and not Cantonese and asked if she could use mandarin instead? So Vincy gave an "Oh, ho yi!" and switched to Mandarin mode as can be seen from this video...LOLS.

She then sang the first song titled 無緣罪 'mou yuen zui'. Her fans sang along with her very loudly..LOL. And because of that and added the blasting loudness from the system, all the videos I took can only be watched but not listened. So I'm not going to upload them up. Vincy sang well. Her vocals are good and I have no doubt of that. Since I know she's a good singer. However, I personally think that the reason she still could not breakthrough to the top is because of her lack of versatiliy such as dancing and also the lack of charisma. All of these takes time to develop though. And she has to improve on that. She then sang another two more songs, the title plug 不可預見 只可遇見 and her new madarin title, 'yuan lai ai qing na me nan'. I love the 3rd song she sang, however, its not in the album. After all the singing and talking about the album, its time for autograph session!

I was wondering if Vincy would sign on anything just like what Joey did? Well, didn't make any difference to me because I don't have anything else for her to sign besides the album I just bought. Haha. So my friends were in front of me. So I told them don't miss the chance. When you're up there, just ask Vincy if you could take a picture with her. They didn't think they could at first. Haha. However while we were queing, we saw that Vincy did sign her older albums too and also allows photos to be taken. Well, most of the time it depends on her assistant standing beside. LOL. If the assistant doesn't shove you away, then the artiste is fine with it. So there were two friends, one did manage to takeand another one didn't ask her for one...what a waste. Then when it was my turn, I asked Vincy, "Vincy, ho em ho yi tong nei ying cheung siong ar?" And Vincy nodded. So I asked her to look at the camera below (Karen is holding it down the stage). Then I move beside her..and oops..I think I banged too hard on Vincy's arm!!! HAHAHAHA....Then we both posed for Karen to snap. And Karen just learned how to use my DSLR about an hour ago before function. Hahaha....then she pressed on the shutter and I saw one flash. However she didn't look we still posed on..then I saw another flash...and again she still didn't look up!! And me and Vincy were still posing there...Hahaha...finally I stood back up since Karen still didn't look up from the camera to tell me if its okay already. Hahaha...I then thanked Vincy for it and told her, "Ga yao!" (add oil).

After that, I went to Karen to see the picture. And as always, the picture taken too far away..LOLS..however, the advantage of using a DSLR is that I can crop it out without much noise to the picture! After signing more for others, then Vincy left rushing to another function at AutoCity which will take maybe another 40minutes drive. Haha. Joey's FC leader said bye to me before she also left and then after that we took a photo with One FM DJ(the MC). Then, end of event and also supper time! LokLok at Pulau Tikus...HAHAHA. Miss Penang food. Vincy gave me an impression as being quite a nice artiste. Not specially attractive however she's considered as one of the nice ones. She has the voice, just lacks a distinct personality eg. Sherman has that demure attitude while Joey has that silly sense of humour. Vincy could slowly develop one (it takes time) and wish her all the best in her future career! A picture of her album and autograph:

Before I forget, earlier, I mentioned about the event venue. I am starting to wonder why Orange Music, which is also EEG's album packaging and distributor in Malaysia always picks these type of places to hold their functions? When I mean these places, I mean places which sells alcoholic beverages. First, I mentioned Joey's function at Station One in my earlier post. However, after more EEG artiste functions, I realised that Joey's onewas pretty decent since Station One is open to all ages. However, Sherman & William's one at KL Live Centre is considered a semi lounge and this time Vincy's is IN a lounge. I don't like to attend functions and end up going home smelling of smoke!! Hopefully they will not organise functions at these places anymore. Its not very safe for the fans and the artiste too actually. So, finally, pictures~! (click the fullscreen to watch the slideshow in fullscreen mode)

Call it coincidence? Just as I finish typing the post, I saw this news from the function at KL. If anyone can read Chinese?
The headline translated briefly as: 'Vincy Chan autograph session at a bar in Malaysia, drunk male confesses his love'

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