Monday, July 19, 2010

Joey Yung New Commercial & Song: 綠野仙踪

Hi!!! I'm back for an update! Well, actually, I have an update which I haven't posted up because the pictures from the event is in another storage device and I don't have it with me now. I'll probably post up that delayed event update when I get hold of the pictures.

Anyway, I started classes again today. So depressing...HAHAHA...Luckily, Joey plugged a new song and its a funky fast song to cheer me up! Joey never stops venturing into different styles and genres for her song which is a good thing. Such a versatile singer. The title of the song is 綠野仙踪. I've got no idea how to translate this...Wizard of Oz something?? Hahaha...Its the commercial song for Broadway Electronics. I'm just starting to listen to it a few times. And I would recommend watching the Broadway CM first before listening to the song. Somehow it makes the song sounds better...LOL. Maybe that's the power of Joey's song and her commercials...Here's the download link to share and also the commercial and also the making of the commercial which was filmed in the Phillipines!! I'm so jealous of Joey!! I want to swim with the dolphins and let them kiss me too!!! HAHAHA....

Download MOOV/CD Version:

Broadway CM1: Swimming with Dolphins

Broadway CM2: Safari Adventure

Broadway CM3: Beach Party

The Making Of (Jealousy!!!!hahahaha)

Besides this song, there is another ballad that will be releasing soon. The ballad MV is filmed in 3D and Joey is honoured to be the first HK singer to film a full 3D MV! Since there isn't a high quality version of the song and also the MV yet, I'll leave that to a later post.

Besides songs, I'm looking forward to the movie 'The Jade & the Pearl" starring Raymond Lam, Charlene Choi, Joey Yung and Cho Lam. They are attending functions in China for the premieres in early August. I wonder if Malaysian fans will be lucky enough?? *Fingers cross* Here is a trailer for the movie:

Well, the storyline seems decent enough. And the subtheme of the movie inserted into the clip at Joey's sad life part suits the scene a lot. Haha....I prefer the second half more than the first half of the silly parts. Hope its a good movie! Looking forward to it!!

And I already bought tickets for Big Four's coming concert!! Hope its a good concert~ 19 more days to it!! Stay tuned for updates on it!

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