Sunday, August 1, 2010

Joey Yung to lose weight for concert

source: Apple Daily

Joey Yung and Wyman Wong attended British designer Gareth Pugh I.T apparell store visit event. Joey hopes that Gareth could help her in designing her costumes for her upcoming concert in November.

Joey revealed that she will be visiting Paris around September or October accompanied by Wyman for dance rehearsals and also costume arrangements.

When asked whether the concert will emphasise on sexiness, Joey laughed and answered, "I don't have a bottom line. I have to lose weight, around 10 pounds is my target."

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Ivy: Seems like ages since I translated news!! Haha, however had the mood to do one tonight. And because I'm excited to read more news on Joey's coming concert. I guess the hype is starting now after Raymond's concert ended. Hahaha...I suppose this 2 concerts are the anticipated concert of the second half of 2010 in Hong Kong.

And Joey having to reduce 10 pounds sounds so scary!!! If she's around 50kg now, that means she'll have to reduce to 45kg with a height of 169cm??? OMG!!!!! However, its cool that she'll spend her time in Paris for rehearsals!! Wonder what she has planned in mind? And besides that, Joey was Raymond's concert guest for his final show!! And they look really adorable together. I'm probably influenced by the movie Jade & the Pearl. Their collaboration turned out better than expected. And they do look adorable together at the concert that night! Here's some nice pictures to share!

Raymond wanted to kiss Joey! However, Joey rejected him! HAHAHA...Poor thing! They look so cutey together!! Hahaha...hope she didn't got electrified by Fung though...although she's a year younger than Fung. LOLS!! And I have to say, I love Joey's fashion sense!!!! The white top plus colourful boots <3<3<3>

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