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7th August 2010: Big Four Concert Live in Malaysia


Down memory lane to the 80's together with the Big Four (William So, Dicky Cheung, Andy Hui & Edmond Leung)

Finally found the time to post up updates on last week's concert! I was down with illness for the past few days after the concert and also caught up with tutorial and assignment work. I'm still not fully recovered yet even now. However, since its the weekend, I'd better get this post done before I proceed to another event. LOL.

Big Four concert has to be listed as one of the concert that is considered enjoyable to watch. I will not say that it is a concert of international standard (so far, the only Asian concert I have seen so far that could compete with international superstar standard is Joey's Starlight Concert). But, this concert is considered one that left an impression and also one that is memorable.

The concert started with a recorded announcement which was really funny by Sandra Ng. Sandra which is one of my favourite Asian actress just like her usual self, made a really humorous opening by exclaiming "I want my Big Four......I want my Big Four......" with increasing "hao-ness" (lust and desire) in her voice. HAHAHAHA. The crowd first laughed at it and slowly began to chant together with her..."I want my Big Four"...and the chant was connected by the opening verse of the first song "Big Four" performed by the four. An interesting opening I would say. Although very predictable. The four of them was quite lively and energetic which made even my mum who didn't really know their song feel entertained.

After singing about two more songs together in a group, they then stopped for a very long break to talk. I was expecting the talking session to be quite long because I've heard from Hong Kong fans about this. I was actually quite worried that it will be really boring if the talking session is very long. And indeed, the talking sessions was very long. However, fortunately the long talk became more of an entertaining talk show. So, it was another kind of enjoyment to receive from a concert besides live singing (of course, unless you do not understand Cantonese).

After talking session, the next part was back to the 80's part which is one of the most hillarious parts of the concert. The audience was first screened each member's new talent singing competition clips. And after each clip, each of them would appear in the exact same clothes and hairstyle they wore during the talent quest and resang their entry song. Edmond's one was one of the funniest as he had his hair curled which is a big contrast to his current mohawk. LOL. Dicky did a somersault when he performed during the talent competition. However, he didn't perform it during the concert. His three 'brothers' then teased him that he's too old. So he can't do it anymore to which Dicky then challenged them and said if he fails to do it, he'll eat away his wig. So the drumroll begins..........Bang....Dicky slipped and failed in his somersault!!!! HAHAHAHA........he was rolling with disappointment. Poor thing. He then said, "Lam yan dai jeung fu...gong dak chut zhou dak tou" (I'm a man of my words). Then he added, "bei ngoh zou yuen yin cheung wooi sin hui hao thoi, jin kui bin yat si yat si, sin sek. Dak Mou?" (Let me finish this concert then only I'll go backstage and cut the wig into smaller pieces to eat. Okay?) His brothers of course didn't give in. Then Dicky added, "sek sai kua dou yiu chit lar hai em hai?" (Even when eating a watermelon, we have to chop it first right!?) Of course, they were just playing around. LOL.

Failed attempt to perform the somersault by Dicky. William says: Get up and devour your wig! haha!

There were certain sessions of the concert that wasn't very nice. And they were from William So and Andy Hui. Both of them had parts of singing sexy songs. However, the song selection in my opinion was really poor. The song was plain and boring and added (it may be the sound system problem) their voice was not distinct and clear enough for me to hear the words of the song they are singing. Distinct vocals and clarity is very important when singing Cantonese songs or I should say Chinese songs in general. Which is why I don't really like listening to Jay Chou songs. No offense, its his style, but I prefer distinct and clear voices. Out of the four, I would say Edmond has the best vocals. In one of the solo parts where each member performs, Edmond appear on stage with a grand piano, playing the piano while singing to his ballad. I love that part!! "Lam sei"!! Hahaha. The four seem to have their own roles in the solo parts. Dicky was responsible for talking, Edmond for his prince charming heart-melting romantic ballads (>.<), William for his sexy sequence and Andy Hui for his hip-hop dancing. Andy's dance was enjoyable but his vocals isn't really good.

The concert was also filled with laughter. Because the four of them revealed a lot of their funny moments as friends together. They played clips and images such as how the three brothers did silly things to a drunk Dicky on his wedding night such as tying him up, sticking stuff into his nose etc. LOL. Besides, there were also home videos took during their trip in Thailand where Dicky secretly recorded a bathing William So. Of course the sensitive parts were blurred. Hahahaha. And also a caught red handed scene of Dicky farting onto Edmond's face! Hahaha..Poor Edmond!!!

Another enjoyable part of the concert is where the four of them sang their famous hits one by one. And their song selections were different than the one they did in Hong Kong. I'm glad that Dicky changed his selection to 'ni ai wo xiang shui'. Because its my favourite song of his. He didn't sing it in Hong Kong because its a mandarin number. At this time, everyone started enjoying the concert, however they announced that this is 'may' be the last song for the concert and they then sang 愛莫能助 together as the last song. Of course, when they say may, it means there will be encore. Hahaha. After about 5-10 minutes, they reappeared in shiny costumes and sang a 15 track medley while running down almost the whole lower area of the stadium to shake hands with audience. The situation was really chaotic. Hahaha. A really hard time for the security guards LOL. There were like 10 guards having to pull and guide each of them down the stage while they shook hands. After they finish with shaking hands, me and my mum noticed something. Dicky was so exhausted after that! His other brothers were running up stage and dancing, but he slowly walked up and moved to the side to remove a few button of his suit. I think he went short of breath. Really pity him. He's not young. Already in his mid 40's. So its understandable. However, he forced and push himself on to dance about and bow and bid farewell to the audience and ended the concert in a high note.

Owh, and I didn't take any pictures from the concert. Because, its not allowed and I didn't want the authorities to bother me if I take any pictures. A little fed up with that happening everytime I watch a concert. LOL. So the few pictures here are coutesy of pictures from news sites. Overall, its quite an enjoyable concert. Not a 100% music satisfied concert, however its more to their showmanship and sense of humour that makes it nice. I tried to wait to see if they will come out after concert, however, they didn't. it just Joey who does that? LOL. But anyway, I saw Joey Tang! The music producer for the concert and also one of the member of the band "Tai Chi" after concert on stage. I actually wanted to take a picture with him! He was also the producer for Joey's MOOV Live mini concert last year and also producer for many other concerts such as Eason's and Miriam's etc.However, I didn't. Now I regret. LOLS. Should just grab the chance next time. Hahaha.
Finally, all the best to the four of them for their following shows at other parts of the globe! I'm starting to like Edmond more now. Hahahaha~

Concert Rundown:
From Big Four::《Big Four》、《火熱動感La La La》、《愛莫能助》、15首串燒組曲

From New Talent competition: :《霧之戀》(許志安)/《深深深》(梁漢文)/《Careless Whisper》(蘇永康)/《戀愛交叉》(張衛健)、《伴我啟航》

William So: 《不願一個人》、《越吻越傷心》、《男人不該讓女人流淚》

Andy Hui: :《翻騰+將冰山劈開+不倦的蝴蝶+反正經》、《愛你》、《唯獨你是不可取替》

Edmond Leung: 《半天假》、《老死》、《七友》、纏綿遊戲

Dicky Cheung: :《真真假假》+《哎吔哎吔親親你》、《身體健康》, 你爱我象谁

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