Saturday, August 21, 2010

Justin Lo Live in Genting 2010



Time to update on this concert! I made a last minute decision to watch Justin Lo's concert at Genting last week. I was actually browsing through the internet for something else when I came across someone wanting to sell tickets for a cheaper price online. So very last minute decision (around 2 days before) I got the tickets and booked a hotel at Genting to watch Justin's concert.

Thanks to Mr. XX who sold me the tickets! The seat was at center stage, thanks for that. I think he'll probably be reading this post. Haha. However, I did something which I regretted!! I left my DSLR at home!!! Its been too long since I watched a concert at Genting that I forgot that Genting do not check bags and allow photography!! They only stop video recording!! I only brought in my compact camera! What a waste! Haihz...So again, have to use press pictures.

So Justin. I quite like his songs but I don't expect a spectacular concert because he isn't famous for one. And the only reason I watch his concert is because he has a good voice and also he writes good songs. Justin opened the concert with 好人 and his vocals was really good. I was surprised that he sang 男人KTV as the second song. Because I thought that is one of his famous song that he'll leave more towards the end. However, that night, I noticed that Justin's voice wasn't in top condition. because he went off key a few times. There was even one part where he himself realised the degree of seriousness in the off-keyness that he repeated the last phrase again to compensate the audience. And after that he added, "I allow you all to put that on Youtube!" LOL.

The concert was very casual. There wasn't really a theme for example,usually concerts would have a theme...such as Eason Chan 'Duo' Concert, Leo Ku 'Eye Fever' concert, Miriam Yeung 'Ladies & Gentlemen' concert etc. However, this concert of Justin didn't have a theme. That is why, the concert felt very casual. There wasn't any special effects or special choreography. He did the same dance as I saw at T-Music Festival concert. There was one part of the concert where I felt sleepy..hahaha...the part where he duetted with the band Rubberband...LOLS. Probably because Justin just kept singing in the same costume for about 7-8 songs and also I didn't know the song of Rubberband.


Justin's guest performer, Rubberband

Fortunately, after that, things became more livelier when Justin came out in another costume and did some dancing. And because Justin is a little flabby, he couldn't do much dancing as he gets really exhausted. LOL. There were a few ballads that I really enjoyed Justin singing as he put his feelings into singing it. One of them is 'She's out of my Life'. I guess, most of the songs that he wrote towards his girlfriend, he could sing it with feelings and could make me feel teary eyed. Hahaha.


A rare sight of a bald Justin

Justin also sang two MJ songs and did a few MJ dance steps. And that part was quite nice too. I realise that Justin could sing english songs well. Justin sang mostly ballads and changed costume three times. One of the highlight was we got to see Justin's bald head as he removed his cap. Something very rare. Hahaha. He also did two very famous dance moves; Wonder Girl's 'Nobody' and SJ's 'Sorry Sorry'. However, after that, he was panting like hell..Hahaha. Justin has to build up his stamina!! Justin ended the concert with 情歌.


Justin doing the 'Nobody' dance

And I have to say, his concert was really very short. It was just about 2 hours. Usually concerts I watch stretch from around 2 and a half to 3 hours. However, he did came out for two encores. Hahaha. First, to sing 30 days. And Justin cried while singing it. Because he thought of his girlfriend...LOLS..and the second verse, the original cantonese lyrics was all out as he sang the song in English. I think that must've been his original demo version where he sang it for his girlfriend. Hmm....he must've loved his girlfriend really much. It made me teary eyed too. Hahhaa. The second encore, Justin came out again because he said it was embarrasing he ended the concert in tears. So he came back out and sang a fast song as a conclusion.

After the concert, I tried to wait for Justin and there were many other people waiting too. However the annoying guard kept chasing us. He kept chasing and yelling asking people to leave...Come on...what's wrong with us waiting there?? Not that we'll do anything to harm people!? And he kept chasing us away, that my mum said let's go. No point waiting and getting chased like that and lowering ourself. Which I agree and left.

So how enjoyable was the concert? Out of 10 I'll give Justin 6/10. The reason is because the concert lacks a theme, lacks choreography and Justin lacks the showmanship and proffesionalism that a superstar should have. Everything seems too casual and there's not much of effort put into the concert by him. Advice to people watching an un-themed Justin concert in the future, only watch the concert if you are familiar with all his songs. If not, its not a bad concert, but nothing very interesting to watch (although, it may be different if he does a world tour themed concert). Which reminds me, next time better to watch a world tour concert!

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