Friday, March 7, 2008

Charmaine Sheh inseparable with her cat

[Apple Daily 07/03/2008]

Charmaine Sheh who have always declared herself having empty love life, recently found solace in new love [BB]. Turns out that she have just got a 3 months old Scottish fold kitten and she have been sticking together with the kitty ever since. Yesterday Charmaine went to Fo Tan to film an advertisement for HK Health and Laboratory. She brought BB along to work and plays with her whenever she is free, obviously smitten with the cat.

The shooting location is at the Industrial Centre in Fo Tan, where she films a new series of advertisement for HK Health. This is her 2nd year as their spokesperson and they specially presented her with a Diamond Card, which allows her to enjoy a lifetime of free health check.

Charmaine is smitten with her 3 months old Scottish fold kitten, it's like they're lovers.

Running around, extremely mischievous

Charmaine's mood was extremely good when she posed with her white jacket and black pants ensemble while holding a loudspeaker. The reason for her upbeat mood is not just the spokesperson fees she earned, but also because of her new love [BB] was also at the set to visit her. Actually, BB is a 3 months old Scottish fold female kitten. Since Charmaine got her, she has become homely. She often stays at home to play with the cat and even took BB pictures to decorate her mobile phone’s wallpaper. Obviously she loves BB very much.

Most of cat owners prefer to leave their cats at home to prevent them from getting lost. However, Charmaine and BB already formed a deep bond. She is not afraid to take BB out during work. It was BB's first trip out and she was really excited, running around the set and very mischievous. Seeing this Charmaine was tickled pink and played with BB whenever she's free.

Charmaine is really mischievous, she often teased the crew members with her doted pet.

[She is my lover]

Charmaine smiled: "This is my first time having a pet. After I got her, I seldom went out because I'm worried for her at home alone. Plus she is my lover. Actually I prefer dogs, but I will need to take them out for walks often therefore I tried having a cat instead. I like her the moment I set eyes on her at the pet store. She really loves to stick around people."

Translations credits to Sehseh's Blog

Ivy : As a pet owner myself, I absolutely understand Charmaine's feelings! When I first got my dog(1 month old, size as big as my palm!!) I could not get my eyes off it! It was so small that I was afraid my mum or dad would accidentally step on it!! So i got it a red collar with that little round bell so my parents would hear it and be more careful. But he was so small the collar was a weight to him! He had difficulties walking with the collar on! Haha... I also brought it everywhere(except school). I sneaked it into my mum's office too..haha...nobody realised!! They thought it was a soft toy! I'm glad Charmaine owns a pet herself now. By owning a pet, you have something to look forward to when you reach home. My dog will always be waiting on the doorstep, wagging his tail when I get home from school every single day! He has grown up now and grown into a very naughty and greedy boy! He will go all out for FOOD!! Besides that, by owning a pet you know you are being loved. Animals are sincere they show you true love! Haha...glad that Charmaine has happy moments with her BB. Also Charmaine's BB is her while I call my dog my son! My friend usually said "what?" when I mentioned I miss my

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