Friday, March 7, 2008

Malaysia General Elections : Just for Laughs!

Tomorrow is the day for Malaysians to vote! With the internet being widely used and the advancement of technology, General elections in Malaysia has been made interesting! Oppositions and fellow citizens made full use of the Youtube! service and go all out to express themselves! Here are some clips(In various languages) made by some very talented people, I say on the General Elections 2008 just for laughs! Enjoy! ( You have to be truly Malaysian to fully understand the meaning behind all these clips..haha)

English : Election Blah Blah Blah

Cantonese : 加加加!!

Bahasa Melayu: Bloggers are "penipu"!!??

Mandarin: General Elections 2008

All clips credits to their owners.

Ivy: My favourite is the english one! Remix of "sha la la la la"...haha. The cantonese one is good too! I'm too young to vote so for those who are of age, advice : "VOTE WISELY" hahaha.

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