Thursday, March 6, 2008

Clips Worth Watching #5

Here is clips worth watching #5! This edition features news clips and Charmaine's Cartoon Land!! Enjoy!

Maiden's Vow Promo

What to look out for? Haha....Charmaine playing the insect game! She's screaming as I think her glass case has beetles in it! And gross! The male leads have to eat them!

Fans rushing for Charmaine & Joe!!

Watch as fans rushed to get a glimpse of Joe and Charmaine in London!! They have so many fans even in London! Also look out for Charmaine's surprise birthday!

Judge Charmaine!

Charmaine as a judge in a modelling contest! Haha...our 美女 looks way better than the contestants! Well, that is for sure..our idol is always the best and the prettiest!!

Charmaine's Cartoon Land

This is a cute video made with pictures of Charmaine in real life Charmaine and the cartoon version! Background music is "Xing Xing De Ga Min" by Charmaine!

All clips credits to their owner.

Ivy : Enjoy the posted clips! Also there are few announcements to make. First, Detective Investigation Files IV is going to air on TVB Xing He(Astro Channel 314) from 9th of April, Mondays to Fridays 10pm.(thanks Rachel for doing the double check) DIF4 is one of my favourite Charmaine's series, although her acting still isn't that good but then through the character Ah Man that I started to notice and like her!

Second announcement, as my exams are drawing closer I am going to be occasionally absent from this blog. I will be updating as best as possible focusing on important Charmaine's news (Charmaine's blog post is for sure). Also I will most probably only be here on every alternate days. I just saw my exam timetable and it is going to be a long stretch of exam!! Trials in April and straight for finals from May to June!! Rest assured I will be extremely free after that period! So don't freak out if there are no updates after 3 or 4 days etc as I am not planning on abandoning this blog...haha. I'll update as frequently as possible! If there is anything important or you have any questions to ask you can e-mail me at

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