Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Clips Worth Watching #11 : Last Paradise Con't

I received requests for further episodes of Last Paradise: Joey Yung in Switzerland. Sorry for the delays in posting this as I just read the request, Darkside. Hope you enjoy them!

Here are the download links for Episodes 1-5 Thanks to jais at JF :

I must say every episode is really worth the watch. Fans of Joey can ROFL and LOL just by listening to the way she talks and also her gestures. LOL. And non-fans can just look at how beautiful Switzerland is and add some general knowledge! Hehehe. Enjoy!

Updated 24/8/2010! Megaupload Links credits to
Epi 1:
Epi 2:
Epi 3:
Epi 4:
Epi 5:

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can you upload them to megaupload? Thank